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The Curviest Stunner Sasha Sex Doll Review

The Curviest Stunner Sasha Sex Doll Review

There’s nothing better than looking at someone and seeing them looking back with seductive eyes. You know it’s game on when that happens, but when a gorgeous face is augmented with an hourglass figure and voluptuous curves, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Looking for someone who fits this description and will always have the hots for you? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Prepare to meet Sasha – a stunning sex doll that delivers unimaginable erotic satisfaction with her woman-like visual appearance and unique features. She is a real sex symbol for everyone who prefers a large chest and a round booty to play with.

In today’s Sasha Sex Doll Review, we’ll tell you how much this love doll weighs, the size of her bust, and other noteworthy physical attributes, as well as how you can tailor her to your requirements. This is to help you decide whether you need her in your bed during sexy playtime, so let’s get right into the review and explore her in great detail!

A Closer Look at Sasha

Manufacturers gave Sasha the height and weight needed to resemble a real woman. Even though she is a bit slim, her attributes fit perfectly to her body and make her look curvaceous, ensuring you will have the best possible sexual experience and satisfactory orgasm when you get it on with her.

While her features are perfect as is, you are free to customize Sasha with paid add-ons or free adjustments to better suit your needs. She is a sensual goddess who won’t let you take your eyes off her, making you wish you could play with her all day.

Select between lip finishes, nail colors, eye hues, and hairstyles to create your perfect sexual partner. You can also change Sasha’s skin tone and choose a white, honey light, pink, light, or dark tan, while most of the same color options are available for the areolas and vagina.

BrandDoll Forever
Body TypeTPE Life-Size Sex Doll
Price $1,699.00
Weight72.8 lbs / 33 kg
Height5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Bra SizeF-Cup
Bust2 ft 11 in / 90 cm
Feet Length9 in / 22 cm
Legs Length2 ft 12 in / 91 cm
Arms Length2 ft 3 in / 69 cm
Shoulders Width1 ft 1 in / 32 cm
Waist1 ft 10 in / 55 cm
Hip3 ft 4 in / 101 cm
Vagina Depth7 in / 18 cm
Anus Depth7 in / 18 cm
Oral Depth4 in / 11 cm
Sasha Sex Doll Review

How Was Sasha Created?

Manufacturers put a lot of thought and effort into creating Sasha. Her character was developed based on the inviting look in her eyes. This feature helps portray her as a sexy vixen who can’t be easily replaced with another model.

The company that created this beauty is Doll Forever. They are known for manufacturing and selling sex dolls with unique designs and characteristics, providing unmatched durability due to their use of TPE as a primary material for most love dolls, including Sasha.

The enthusiastic approach and team of experienced technicians make Doll Forever one of the best sex doll brands on the market. They also prioritize customer satisfaction by providing users with a certification that guarantees the product’s quality and long-lastingness.

With their years of experience using and formulating TPE, they have mastered the production of real-looking sex dolls. They work with normal and platinum TPE variations to make each model feel and appear exactly as customers expect.

Sasha’s Durability Factors

The manufacturer of Sasha knew that her partners would love the option to explore various positions with her, thus giving her a high-quality, stainless steel skeleton with high stability and flexibility. You can choose between the regular and EVO skeleton, with both options being free of extra charges.

The elasticity of the TPE material used to create Sasha prevents easy tearing during intercourse. This is the most critical factor that makes Sasha durable and suitable for use even years after your purchase.

Compared to silicone, TPE is more lightweight, meaning you can change Sasha’s position and carry her around your home as often as you like without causing any scratches on her skin, which also contributes to the ease of retaining her unique appearance and quality.

The Realism She Provides

Despite her skin looking and feeling humanlike, Sasha offers other realistic characteristics that make her a trusty companion during sex play and discovering new fetishes.

You can position her to stand, bend for some doggy-style action, get on her knees, pose for pictures, and even appear to be playing with herself by touching her delightful private parts.

The EVO skeleton also enables Sasha to shrug her shoulders. The user can adjust her spine in left or right positions and touch her buttocks by bending downwards for the ultimate realistic feel.

According to your preference, you can choose whether you would like Sasha to have hollow, solid, or gel breasts. This choice will help you make her bust feel as realistic as possible, enhancing your sexual impulses and satisfying your thirst for yearning titty play.

Tips for Sex Doll Cleaning and Maintenance

Investing in Sasha is not enough to ensure you can use her for a long time to fulfill your sexual desires at any convenient time. You must also clean Sasha regularly and use some maintenance practices to help her last longer and feel the same as when you played with her. Here’s what her maintenance includes:

  • Wash Sasha’s body parts each time you perform sexual acts with her. This ensures she is fresh and clean before you decide it’s playtime again.
  • After thoroughly rinsing Sasha, let her body dry completely before storing it away or using it anew. To guarantee her skin retains its original softness and elasticity, you can also apply baby powder to her anus and vagina once she has dried.
  • TPE may produce an unusual smell after several uses. In this case, store the doll in a moisture-free area with good ventilation for the best and most long-lasting results.
  • We understand that Sasha looks very hot in tight and short outfits. But, after you play with her, remove these items to avoid causing permanent indentations on her body.
  • Avoid dressing Sasha in dark or black clothing because TPE is not resistant to stains, which can damage her original quality.
  • When not in use, place Sasha on a soft surface to prevent scratching. You can purchase a hanging bracket or a headstand holder to safely store her standing-up.

Sasha Wants Front & Back Bangs

Sasha’s hairstyle with bangs perfectly contributes to her overall look, making her a great fit for users fascinated by this look on a real woman. However, Sasha also allows her companion to enjoy back-side banging without hesitation. If this information makes you tremble, causing a hypnotic sensation, she might be the perfect choice for you!

We hope that this Sasha Sex Doll Review gave you an insight into her visual charisma and erotic magnetism that is impossible to overlook. You can find Sasha on Rosemary Doll’s website, customize her appearance and features if needed, and secure a purchase to make your sexual world spin, enjoying her provocative appeal and naughty personality.

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