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Sultry Seduction: A Review of Queena.B from SEDOLL

Sultry Seduction A Review of Queena.B from SEDOLL

Looking for someone to fulfill your wildest fantasies? Queena.B from SEDOLL might just be the answer. As mischievous as she can get, she presents a toned frame and juicy curves that you won’t be able to take your hands off. Far from ordinary, this siren stands out among the crowd with her exquisite craftsmanship and seductive nature.

Can Queena.B become the queen of your heart? This review will go over all the details you need to know, from her specifications to the unmatched customization options that bring her to life. Join us as we explore Queena.B’s allure and practicality, helping you determine if she’s the one to set you on fire.

An Overview of Queena.B’s Specifications

Enter the world of Queena.B, a masterpiece crafted to stimulate your senses and make all your wishes come true. Priced at $1,899.00, she embodies elegance and glam, offering an experience like no other.

Created by SEDOLL, Queena.B is a testament to next-level artistry. Let’s peek into the key specifications that make her irreplaceable.

Height5 ft 5 in / 166 cm
Weight76.1 lbs / 34.5 kg
Bra SizeC-Cup
Feet Length8 in / 21 cm
Bust2 ft 5 in / 72.5 cm
Waist1 ft 8 in / 50.5 cm
Hip2 ft 7 in / 79 cm
Shoulders Width1 ft 4 in / 40 cm
Vagina Depth7 in / 17 cm
Anus Depth7 in / 17 cm
Oral Depth6 in / 15 cm
SEDOLL Queena.B Review

Order Queena.B and Get Exclusive Deals

When you choose Queena.B, you’ll unlock a range of special deals and get the following complimentary extras:

  • 2ND Head
  • Enhanced Mouth
  • Gel Breasts
  • Hyper-realism Body Painting
  • Articulated Fingers
  • Standing Feet
  • Lubricant-free Vagina
  • Removable Vagina
  • EVO Skeleton Upgrade
  • Premium Outfit (sexy lingerie and a pair of silicone socks)

Adding to the convenience, we also throw in a wig and a special comb. You’ll receive a pair of handling gloves and a vagina cleaner for easier upkeep, and erotic underwear (sent at random) to spice up your first night together.

Queena.B will be delivered to you for FREE via UPS/FedEx, discreetly packaged to ensure a seamless experience and protect your privacy.

Queena.B’s Reliable Construction

Queena.B is much more than just a pretty face because her construction sets her apart as a true masterpiece. Crafted from high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Queena.B will surprise you with an incredibly realistic texture that mimics human skin.

One of her standout features as a TPE doll is her remarkable softness and elasticity. TPE is resistant to oils and abrasion, making maintenance and cleaning effortless. This material is also renowned for its hypoallergenic and non-toxic properties, guaranteeing safe and enjoyable use.

EVO Skeleton

Queena.B’s exceptional design includes an EVO skeleton at no extra cost. The innovative build offers unparalleled flexibility and stability, allowing this naughty chick to effortlessly pull off any position you set her in. Whether you’re seeking adventure or prefer more traditional poses, Queena.B’s EVO skeleton is your wild card for endless rounds of steamy sex.

Articulated Fingers

Another impressive feature of Queena.B is her articulated fingers, which you can now get for free! These fingers are carefully designed to replicate the movement and dexterity of human hands, bringing even more sparks to your interactions. As a great addition at all times, the articulated fingers are here to give you gentle caresses or more passionate squeezes whenever you need them.

Feet Options

The attention to detail when creating Queena.B extends to every part of her body, including her feet. She offers two different foot options – the non-standing feet for a more relaxed pose, perfect for display or photography, or the standing feet if you prefer stability and versatility when she stands by herself.

Queena.B’s Key Features

You can make Queena.B truly your own by personalizing her key features. They can turn this elegant lady into an ultimate sex toy, so let’s take a look at the options this sweetheart offers.

Vagina Options

Queena.B allows you to choose between a fixed or removable vagina. The fixed option provides a seamless and integrated look, while the removable vagina offers practicality and ease of cleaning.

Whether you’re a fan of a clean-shaven intimate area or a more natural appearance, Queena.B’s pubic hair can also be tailored to suit your desires. So take your sweet time to design her intimate area to perfection.

Breast Options

Queena.B’s boobs come with three options to choose from – solid, gel, and hollow. Each option offers a unique feel and aesthetic, allowing you to select the one that satisfies your eye and feels good under your touch.

Solid breasts are firm and realistic, while gel breasts offer a softer, more supple feel, allowing for more bounce and jiggle. Hollow breasts are lightweight and provide a natural sag, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Queena.B’s Top-Tier Visuals

Queena.B’s visuals are top-tier in the world of Rosemary dolls. As if that’s not enough, we offer even more customization options to adjust her appearance to your liking. You can choose from various skin tones to achieve the perfect complexion or opt for hyper-realistic body painting to add depth and texture to her skin.

Add some fresh air and excitement to your sex life by personalizing Queena.B’s hairstyle in multiple ways, with 16 wig options available in different colors and lengths. Her eyes are available in six captivating colors, from piercing gray to deep dark blue, allowing you to create a truly unique look that suits your preferences.

Customizations for Extra Arousal

Queena.B is the queen of arousal! She comes with a range of customizations to help you achieve an even more enchanting experience. These options include:

  • Mouth with Tongue
  • Body Moaning
  • Body Heating
  • Lubricated Vagina
  • Auto-Sucking Vagina

How to Maintain and Clean Queena.B?

Maintaining and cleaning your Queena.B TPE doll is essential to ensure her longevity and hygiene. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Preparation: Get all of your cleaning supplies first. PH-friendly soap is essential, and you should always use warm water. Grab a soft sponge or fabric, a towel, and TPE-specific renewal powder, as well.
  • Cleaning the body: Soak the soft cloth or sponge in soapy water and gently wipe Queena.B’s body. Don’t use any harsh chemicals during the process. Finally, take some clean water to rinse her and make sure you’ve removed all residue.
  • Drying: Pat Queena.B’s body until dry with a soft towel. It’s best to rub her gently to not damage the TPE material. Allow her to air dry completely before dressing her or storing her away.
  • Applying Powder: Once Queena.B is completely dry, apply a light dusting of TPE renewal powder to her body. This helps to maintain her softness and prevent stickiness.
  • Storage: Store Queena.B somewhere dry and cool because she shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, avoid folding or compressing Queena.B’s limbs or body.

Is Queena.B the Best Choice for You?

If you’re seeking a lifelike experience that’s going to fuel the fire to your sex life, look no further than Queena.B. This SEDOLL gem stands out with her high-quality TPE construction, customizable features, and advanced functionalities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test her skills for yourself. Order Queena.B today and embark on a journey of pleasure like never before!

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