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Meet Paula Pullman – Your Naughty Silicone Sex Doll

Meet Paula Pullman – Your Naughty Silicone Sex Doll

When Zelex designs sex dolls, they design silicone goddesses. When Zelex partners with RosemaryDoll, the story becomes even better. A real-life example is Paula Pullman. Men, trust me, you will not want to pull out of Pullman, our silicone sex doll standing proudly at 5 ft 7 and boasting precious C-cup proportions.

Take all your kinky fantasies, throw them at Paula Pullman, and she will be ready to handle them. A sex doll designed to push boundaries and explore deep, wet fantasies. So, why resist temptation when she is here to satisfy you in all ways possible?

Paula Pullman’s Features and Extras

Keep calm and hold your cravings still. A waterfall of information is coming in. A sex doll with ultra-sexy features is a must, and Paula Pullman ticks all the boxes.

ModelSilicone Sex Doll – Paula Pullman
Bra SizeC-Cup
Height5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight90.4 lbs / 41.01 kg
Vagina Depth7 in / 17 cm
Anus Depth6 in / 16 cm
Bust2 ft 10 in / 87.5 cm
Waist2 ft 1 in / 64.5 cm
Hip3 ft 1 in / 94 cm
Shoulders Width1 ft 4 in / 40 cm
Feet Length9 in / 23 cm
Zelex Doll Paula Pullman Review

Welcoming this sexy doll into your life means you are not just receiving a silicone sex babe; you are stepping into a world of complete satisfaction.

Alongside Paula Pullman, your package includes everything you need for the beginning. Slip on her luxurious wig, style it with the provided comb, and consult the English manual for expert guidance. Keep her pristine with the vaginal cleaning instrument, making sure she is always ready for your pleasure.

As a delightful bonus, sexy erotic underwear will come your way, carefully selected, and sent at random to add an extra layer of excitement. So, let her unveil your wet fantasies during roleplay.

Customize the Sex Doll from Your Dreams

RosemaryDoll features a playground for horny adults—a playground of customization with our selection of free options to spice up your sex doll.

  • 50% OFF extra head: Double the excitement with an additional head for your doll
  • Inspiration Series – gel breasts or soft boobs: Experience lifelike realism with our soft gel breasts.
  • Inspiration Series – EXP skeleton: Upgrade to our advanced EXP skeleton for enhanced pose-ability.
  • Reduce weight: Enjoy easier handling with reduced weight for your doll.
  • Articulated fingers: Delight in the intricate movements enabled by your doll’s articulated fingers.
  • Hyper-realism body painting: Have Paula perfected with premium body painting for a more realistic appearance.
  • Standing feet: Easily display your doll with complimentary standing feet.
  • Standing with no bolts/hard feet: This feature enables a seamless display.
  • Implanted eyebrows & eyelashes: Adorn your sex doll with meticulously implanted eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Removable vagina: Simplify maintenance with a removable vagina for easy cleaning.
  • EVO skeleton upgrade: Choose a more advanced type of skeleton for enhanced movements and different poses.
  • Auto vagina clamping and sucking: Let Paula Pullman hold you tight with the automated clamping and sucking action for silicone bodies.
  • Gel butt/soft butt: Get realistic softness with a gel butt.
  • Movable jaw: Upgrade your doll with a movable jaw for unparalleled oral satisfaction.
  • Sexy lingerie: Dress her up for any occasion.

It goes without saying that you can customize the skin tone of your sexy lady. You can also choose the type of silicone she will be made of, hard or soft. Feel free to decide on the color of her eyes, lips, nails, and nipples. And add the final touches with the right size of the areola, the depth of the vagina, and the anal depth.

Not Horny Enough? Check the Premium Add-ons

You can personalize every aspect of Paula Pullman to match the girl from your wet dreams:

  • Implanted hair: Enjoy the realism of implanted real-human hair for an authentic, silky touch.
  • Head freckles style: Add a playful touch with freckles styled across her face for a youthful look.
  • Body moaning: Experience heightened sensations as your doll emits subtle and not so subtle moans of pleasure during play.
  • Head moaning: Dive into an immersive moment as the doll’s head produces seductive moans.
  • Hymen: Explore the thrill of a lifelike hymen for an added element of virginity and innocence.
  • Sexy lingerie: Dress your doll in erotic lingerie to set the mood and turn you on more.
  • Flight case: Select this secure, convenient yet luxurious package for delivering your sexy doll.

After adding all these details on Paula Pullman, you’ll have the sex doll from your horniest desires!

How to Take Care of Paula Pullman

Take care of your sex doll as you take care of yourself. Ensuring Paula Pullman remains in amazing condition is necessary for an unforgettable time spent with her. Here’s our step-by-step guide:

  • Cleaning: Wash your sex doll with water and neutral pH shower gel, avoiding highly alkaline or acidic products. Use a water irrigator to clean her tunnels thoroughly, ensuring the water runs out completely. After cleaning, powder her to maintain her softness.
  • Drying: After use, leave her legs slightly open to allow her vagina and anus to air dry naturally.
  • Storage: Hang Paula Pullman up for storage if possible. If hanging is not feasible, place her back in the box. Never leave her standing without support, and always store her in a room with moderate temperature.
  • Handling: Avoid rubbing or pressing her surface and keep her away from heat sources like stoves or open flames to prevent damage.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean Paula as you would any sex toy. Be gentle when posing her fingers and joints, and ensure proper balance if she has standing feet. A soft pad under her feet and a pillow behind her back can help protect her in a standing position.
  • Movement: When moving Paula, use a “bearhug” posture and be mindful of her weight. Please familiarize yourself with her measurements, especially her weight, to prevent mishandling.
  • Cautions: Avoid pinching or pressing Paula with sharp objects and keep her away from direct sunlight to prevent damage or discoloration. Wash non-white clothing and accessories before dressing her to avoid staining. Never attempt to disassemble Paula yourself.

By following these simple steps, you can sleep tight, knowing that Paula Pullman will remain in top condition and ready to provide you with the horniest time of your life.

Choose Paula Pullman and Never Bother to Pull Out

Selecting Paula Pullman is not considered a purchase but an investment in your sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. With her irresistible youthful aura, customizable features giving you freedom of imagination, and the go-to care guide for effortless maintenance – a choice worth making.

Let RosemaryDoll guide you through the customization and purchase process with ease so you can get your sex doll just the way you imagined her. So, if you’re up for some smash and thirsty for a blonde bombshell, get Paula Pullman and be ready never to pull out!

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