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Busty Beauty | Sex Doll Mouna Review

Busty Beauty | Sex Doll Mouna Review

Everyone has their own way of steaming off, but not everyone is aware of all the possibilities that can make that come true. If you want a great suggestion for that problem, stick around and get to know our full-bosomed babe, Mouna, who will steal your heart in a split second.

This buxom hottie from our RosemaryDoll collection is one of the most seductive vixens we have to offer. Her huge breasts are out of this world – mighty, squishy and inviting you for an endless motorboating session.

She is the perfect J-Cup squeeze that everyone wants and needs. But her massive rack is just one of her special qualities, so stay with us to learn more about what she can do and how she can perform.

Mouna’s Features

Mouna is one of the hottest busty models RosemaryDoll has in their collection and gets credit where it’s due. Her slim body and huge breasts are just what most people dream about. Let’s find out more about her measurements and see why she is the right fit for you.

Height5ft 3in / 159cm
Weight95.9 lbs / 43.5 kg
Bra sizeJ-Cup
Bust3ft 3in / 98cm
Waist1ft 11in / 58cm
Hip 3ft 1in / 95cm
Oral Depth5in / 12cm
Anus6 in / 15cm
Vagina Depth7in / 18 cm
Legs Length3 ft 4 in / 102 cm
Feet Length9 in / 22 cm
BrandClimax Dolls
Sex Doll Mouna Review

She sounds quite perfect, right? Trust us, she is. She has the ideal body ratio for boob lovers and is waiting to be devoured by you.

Personalization Options

You can change her look and feel depending on your preference. There are a couple of personalization options; some are free, and some are premium upgrades. We’ll start the list with the free upgrades:

  • Head: Have Mouna look the same as in the featured pictures, or pick one of the other 7 head options.
  • Skin tone: Various skin tones are available, from cinnamon to cocoa to alien blue.
  • Hairstyle: Fourteen hair colors and hairstyles based on your preference.
  • Eye color: It’ll probably be hard not to look at her breasts, but choose the eye color that turns you on the most.
  • Nail color: There is nothing sexier than red polished nails but give your girl the mani-pedi she deserves and you like best.
  • Breast type: Three types of breast are available, but considering her massive rack it might be best to go for the hollow version – filled with air, light, bouncy and squishy. Solid breasts are firm and perky made from the same material as her body (TPE). And you can have gel breasts as the best of both worlds and the most human-like.
  • Vagina and nipple color: You can give her a pink, light brown or dark brown pussy and nipples.
  • Vagina type: Fixed vaginas come built-in, and the removable is a device you insert yourself into Mouna, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Standing feet option: Have Mouna stand on her own for better sex positions and posing.
  • Standard or EVO skeleton: Get Mouna in every position imaginable and take her from every angle you like.
  • Realistic body painting: Give her natural skin marks and veins for a realistic appearance.
  • Articulated fingers: Get a better grip and natural movements for your love doll.
  • Movable jaw: Mouna will give you a perfect BJ with the life-like abilities of the movable jaw.

Premium Upgrades

Boost Mouna’s appearance and intensify her performance with the following:

  • Pubic hair: Mouna comes originally with a naked pussy, but you can choose one of the 6 available pubic hairstyles.
  • Synthetic hair: Instead of wigs, Mouna can have synthetic hair that feels natural.
  • Penis add-on: Have Mouna find your G-spot with a 6 in / 15 cm or 7.5 in / 19 cm penis.

Extras for Mouna

We throw in several complimentary accessories to accompany Mouna on her journey to your home. When she arrives, you’ll find:

  • Comb
  • Wig
  • English manual
  • Vaginal cleaning instrument
  • Sexy erotic underwear (selected at random)

What’s Mouna Made From

Mouna is a hybrid doll with a silicone head and a TPE body. Silicone is a much harder material than TPE, so the head looks more realistic and feels natural. Mouna’s TPE body is soft to the touch and much more flexible. You’ll be able to set her in various positions and enjoy the tactile feel of her human-like skin. Her supersized TPE breasts are supple and bouncy and feel natural.

That being said, TPE is a bit more demanding when it comes to maintenance. It can absorb stains, so you should be diligent about after-sex care.

How to Properly Take Care of Mouna

Here’s what you should do to care for and maintain Mouna’s skin:

  • Antibacterial soap: Use antibacterial soap with a low pH balance to stop the spread of germs. It is also suitable for you, as it does not throw off your pH balance.
  • Gentle scrub or wash cloth: everything should be done gently, yes even for silicone. If you want your doll to last longer you should definitely be more gentle with her.
  • Air-dry: Let Mouna dry naturally, or purchase the TPE Deluxe Care Kit containing a drying rod that absorbs water from her orifices. This will prevent mold and bacteria, preserving your health as well.
  • Powder: Sprinkle baby powder on her after she is completely dry to absorb any residue and keep her skin soft and supple.
  • Use a condom: If you want to avoid a big mess to clean up after, it is best to use a condom.
  • Wash Mouna’s clothes: Dress her up in clean clothes and avoid garments with strong colors to prevent color transfer on her skin.

Order and Shipping

RosemaryDoll has simplified the order and shipping process to make all dolls accessible to sex doll fans across the globe. Free shipping worldwide is possible through UPS and FedEx, and for maximum privacy, Mouna will come in a plain carton box with no labels on it. Another option is to have her delivered in a flight case that you can use as safe and luxurious storage when you’re not playing with her.

Mouna the Busty Babe Can Be All Yours

Mouna is a seductive doll with long legs and a set of bodacious tatas specially designed and crafted for boob lovers. Her huge rack perfectly compliments her slender body and nicely shaped butt, and her silicone head adds to her lifelike appearance.

To fully satisfy your sexual appetites and get the best version of Mouna, RosemaryDoll lets you personalize her to the tiniest detail. Customize her appearance to your preferences, get her a full-body skeleton so you can have her any way you like, and upgrade her BJ game with a movable jaw. Choose the best breast option for your sex adventures and naughty needs.

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