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A Big-Breasted Goddess Lisa Sex Doll Review

A Big-Breasted Goddess Lisa Sex Doll Review

Every person has their own preference when it comes to how they like their sexual partners to look. However, it’s easy to assume that a woman with big breasts, a tiny waist, and an athletically built booty would arouse most. If this description fits your sexual preferences, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we are going to introduce you to Lisa – a bombshell blondie with breasts for days. She can fulfill all your wishes and make even the craziest sex fantasies feel real. She is attractive, flexible, and responsive and provides realistic experiences for her human companions.

In today’s Lisa Sex Doll Review, we will explore this sex doll’s visual features, capabilities, and unique specifications that make it one of the hottest and curviest models on the market. You will also have a chance to discover how cleaning and maintaining her condition can improve its quality, allowing you to gain long-lasting usage and limitless sexual pleasure.

Lisa Sex Doll: Visual Features

Before you decide what type of sex doll fits your needs and preferences best, you must evaluate the visual features of your favorite models. If you have seen the extravagant pictures of Lisa posed in various seductive playacts, and you think she might be able to satisfy your sexual desires, it might be time to explore her features in greater detail.

Before you make your final purchase decision, remember that Lisa’s features are completely customizable. If you think that some of the listed specifications are not ideal for you, you can request changes and make her look even better, guaranteeing the best sexual satisfaction.

You can go for the EVO skeleton or the regular one. Furthermore, you can choose between dozens of hairstyles, eye colors, skin colors, types of feet, etc. Feel free to include whatever you like and exclude what you don’t like to create your ideal-looking sex partner.

BrandDoll Forever
Body TypeTPE Life-Size Sex Doll
Weight72.8 lbs / 33 kg
Height5 ft 3 in / 160 cm
Bra SizeF-Cup
Bust2 ft 11 in / 90 cm
Feet Length9 in / 22 cm
Arms Length2 ft 3 in / 69 cm
Legs Length2 ft 12 in / 91 cm
Hip3 ft 4 in / 101 cm
Shoulders Width1 ft 1 in / 32 cm
Vagina Depth7 in / 18 cm
Anus Depth7 in / 18 cm
Oral Depth4 in / 11 cm
Lisa Sex Doll Review

Who Created Lisa?

Since 2016, the Doll Forever brand has been manufacturing and selling high-quality sex dolls that appear and feel realistic. They employ a team of skilled professionals with years of experience creating sex dolls, which allows them to create precise models like Lisa, perfect down to the last detail. This is to provide human-like features to each sex doll and add unique features that separate the appearance of every model to suit different customers’ needs.

To create their sex dolls, this company uses raw materials and the most durable TPE to make them last a long time, making them worth the price for users. In addition, the brand focuses on creating highly stable sex dolls by paying close attention to skeleton production. Lisa’s skeleton is produced from stainless steel to offer different poses as needed.

Every sex doll in Doll Forever’s catalog is meticulously thought out and inspected for quality and authenticity before it’s made available on their page or a trusted partner’s website, such as Rosemary Doll.

Why is TPE the Best Option for Sex Dolls

Manufacturers usually create love dolls using silicone or TPE. Lisa is made from the highest quality TPE, allowing the technicians to mold her skin to feel soft and elastic like normal human skin.

Due to the flexibility and unique properties of TPE, sex dolls made from this material may show some signs of deterioration with time. This is nothing a quick cleanup cannot improve, even if you notice your doll has adopted a certain smell. This usually happens if you don’t keep her in a well-ventilated area.

Many experts consider this material the best option for sex dolls because, despite the already mentioned points, it can also endure more forceful pulling and extreme movements compared to the regular silicone material.

Embrace Lisa’s Womanly Appearance and Feel

You can easily adjust Lisa to change multiple different positions during intercourse. She is so flexible that moving her legs, arms, and even her eyes can be done easily and without damaging the appearance or quality of her features.

All of her three openings, including the mouth, anus, and vagina, are at your disposal with suitable depths to fit most people. Moreover, you can choose the texture of her vagina to ensure pleasure. Due to the use of TPE during her production, Lisa’s lifelike tissue feels soft and stretchy, similar to what you would experience while having sex with a real woman.

When Lisa arrives at your house, you will be astonished by her womanly appearance and the realistic experience she can offer. She is a submissive hottie whose only goal is to deliver ultimate satisfaction to you, her faithful and intimate lover.

How To Preserve Lisa’s Quality

What do you think about Lisa so far? We’ve mentioned some of her most notable features and capabilities, but is that enough to determine whether she’s worth the investment?

If the answer is a resounding yes, you must also learn how to maintain the doll once she arrives in your home. Take a look at the following cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure you retain the original quality of your sex doll:

  • After each usage, clean all Lisa’s holes with water and a mild soap or detergent. This practice will prevent bacteria from accumulating on her skin, causing her to adopt a faulty smell.
  • Manufacturers recommend cleaning Lisa with a water pump or a self-absorbing stick made specifically for her holes. This method is not only convenient but also effective. After the cleaning process is complete, let Lisa dry completely before playing with her again.
  • Keep Lisa in a cool, moisture-free area of your house to prevent the TPE material from getting ruined. Place her on a soft surface, positioned horizontally or standing up to avoid getting any visible scratches on her.

Benefits of Purchasing Lisa

If you purchase Lisa, you will get a certification guaranteeing her quality and material durability. With her, you will never have to worry about tearing, allowing you to engage in the wildest sexual scenarios you never thought you would experience in real life.

You can customize this handmade model to have either a fixed or removable vagina, add replaceable inserts, detachable parts, and choose between different breast options to help you figure out what satisfies you the most during sex and brings you the most intense finish.

The Beautiful Blondie with a Perfect Body

Lisa can help you live out all your sexual fantasies with her hot figure and curvaceous attributes. She looks and feels like a real woman, so if blondies are your thing, you will surely enjoy your time with her.

We hope that this Lisa Sex Doll Review taught you a lot about what this love doll has to offer. Make sure you order it as soon as possible, and don’t forget to make the most of the free customizable features it comes with!

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