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Jian X: Sexy D.Va Cosplay Costume Slayer

Jian X Sexy D.Va Cosplay Costume Slayer

Are you a passionate gamer who goes gaga over the Overwatch game? If our guess is correct, we have something just for you. So, brace yourself. Meet the jaw-droppingly good silicone Jian X, a product of Doll Forever. We’ve decided to blend the two of your big passions in life – quality gaming and too-hot-to-handle sex dolls. And the final result ended up unbearably good.

We know that Korean girls are hot, but after seeing Jian X, you’ll simply need to throw ice-cold water on your face to pull yourself together. Continue reading to learn more about her stunning looks, personalization options, how to maintain her, and why she’ll be the ideal sex doll for you.

Meet Jian X: The Hottest Futuristic Pilot You’ve Ever Seen

Jian X is an absolute hottie in her promotional photos, but a great deal of her cool aesthetic is facilitated by the thigh, a curve-hugging costume that accentuates her balloon boobs and peachy ass. A sex doll like her simply oozes sex appeal from head to toe.

She’s captured in a range of invitingly sexy poses, making you think of nothing but banging her as quickly as possible. Who would ever resist her special charms? And yeah, bunny ears never looked that good on anyone. They can help you to finally switch your attention to her face.

Below, you can check out her body parameters and specifications.

Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160 cmWeight: 48.5 lbs / 22 kg
Bra Size: E-CupFeet Length: 9 in / 22 cm
Bust: 2 ft 9 in / 83 cmLegs Length: 3 ft / 92 cm
Waist: 1 ft 11 in / 58 cmArms Length: 1 ft 7 in / 47 cm
Hip: 2 ft 12 in / 91 cmShoulders Width: 1 ft 2 in / 35 cm
Vagina Depth: 7 in / 17 cmAnus Depth: 6 in / 14 cm
Oral Depth: N/APrice: $2,299.00
Jian X Sex Doll Review

Customize to Get the Best Out of Her

This sex doll has a bunch of qualities, but we’re most in awe of her adjustability. Although she’s primarily made to be the sexiest Korean Member of the Overwatch video game, you can transform her into something else in no time.

Her hourglass figure and modelesque face can slay whatever aesthetic you wish to achieve and role-play like no other female you’ve ever dated.

Nowadays, turning your doll from a wet dream into a palpable reality is easier than ever. With the right combo of selected features and a few simple clicks, you’ll make it happen. So why wait? Roll your sleeves up and start selecting. We cannot wait to see how she’ll end up.

  • Skin Tone: This stunner comes to you with either milky white or exotic dark tan skin. It’s up to you to decide.
  • Hairstyle: Choose from twelve different hairstyles. We have a range of hair colors and hair lengths on offer. Straight or curly, long or short, it’s completely up to you.
  • Eye Colors: Sea blue, emerald green, or plum are the shades available to you. Although Korean chicks rarely have bright-hued eyes, ours defies the standard.
  • Gel Breasts: In the sex doll world, these types of breasts are known as the most lifelike of them all. Hollow and solid ones might have some setbacks, but gel ones are a blend of their perks.
  • Built-in Vagina: This vagina type is the ultimate option for everyone seeking a realistic look and feel. Given the fact of how lifelike it is, you’ll completely forget the small amount of time it steals from you for maintenance.
  • Evo Skeleton: No matter how pretty a doll is on the surface, everything falls into the water if she doesn’t perform in bed. Our sex doll’s flexibility is immaculate. Her EVO Skeleton enables her to put her legs in W positions and poses where her peach butt can be touched and deeply explored.
  • Standing Options: Your doll’s stability is ensured with this feature. You can put her in various poses or try out different sex positions.

Premium Options

The following premium options discussed will not only make her look exceptional but turn your sex doll into an experienced lover who knows exactly what she’s doing in bed.

  • Hyper-Realism Body Painting: This is a personal favorite among those who are into lifelikeness in a doll. Highly visible freckles, veins, and skin texture will make you marvel at the artistry of the doll’s creator.
  • Hard Hands and Feet: Say goodbye to dolls with fragile hands and feet. With our sex doll, durability, and stability in sex poses are guaranteed. She won’t ever fail to respond to your sexy wishes.
  • Implanted Hair: With your doll having implants of a real woman’s hair, she’ll come off as more lifelike than ever. Especially when you glance at her hair follicles!
  • Sexy Lingerie Add-On: From silky red and see-through outfits to white lace and exotic kimonos, we have all sorts of skimpy outfits.
  • Accessorize Her: Our care kits, cleaning set, drying rod, heating blanket, and vaginal irrigator will optimize this sex doll – boost her durability, and make her perform better. And the belly piercing is here to make her appear even sexier.
  • Upgraded Flight Case Add-On: A high-end, convenient, and safe place to keep your sex doll secluded.

Extra Offers

These five extra accessories will be sent to your home along with your doll. So, let’s check out what the delivery will bring along with the box.

  • Wig
  • Comb
  • English Manual
  • Vaginal Cleaning Instrument
  • Sexy Erotic Underwear (sent at random)

How to Maintain Her

Only if you maintain your doll property will she serve you for many years to come. After all, she’ll be your greatest source of pleasure and deserves royal treatment. But now you’ll see that the process is relatively simple. This one comes in silicone, which is known as the less challenging one for cleaning. However, that doesn’t mean you should do that sporadically. Always follow the instructions given in the cleaning kit.

Wash her with a mild antibacterial soap and some warm water, and never apply strong force to the skin while brushing. Don’t forget to be extra cautious while cleaning her vaginal, anal, and mouth holes, as they’re the most prone to bacteria and dust build-up and apply baby powder.

After that, dry her with a soft cloth and leave her in a well-ventilated area. Store her at a secure place without bending her down, and you’re good to go!

Make Sex Doll Jian X All Yours

All in all, Jian is a sex doll that blows everyone’s mind with her sheer competence in bed, undeniable functionality, and mouth-watering looks. Purchasing her will turn out to be the investment of your lifetime, given the fact her ability to vastly improve your sex life.

Why wait? Select the sexiest outfit and accessories, imagine a sexy scenario in your head, and Jian will be able to make it even better in real life. Get her at RosemaryDoll, and watch your kindest imagination come to life!

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