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Gothic Beauty: Sex Doll Heloise Review

Gothic Beauty Sex Doll Heloise Review

If you are looking for something unique but mysterious and dark at the same time, meet Heloise – the Gothic beauty. Indulging in intimacy with Heloise will unveil a realm of intense sensuality and dark allure, where every touch will be filled with an enigmatic mystique. With her perky breasts and sultry figure, she will drive you wild with desire, constantly thinking about having this untamed, glamorous beauty in your bed for endless nights of passion.

Her stunning body is crafted from safe, soft TPE material with an incredibly lifelike medical-grade TPE head. She is ready to fulfill your deepest sexual desires and awaken pleasure and passion beyond your wildest imagination.

Heloise’s Features

Dive deep into the mysterious world of Heloise, where every little detail is designed to make you feel delighted and amazed. From her lifelike appearance to her finely crafted features, she is made to bring you satisfaction and joy. Check Heloise’s measures below to get to know her better.

ModelTPE Sex Doll – Heloise
Height5 ft 5 in /166 cm 
Weight 76.1 lbs / 34.5kg
Bra SizeC-Cup
Vagina Depth7 in / 17cm
Anus Depth7 in/ 17 cm
Oral Depth6 in / 15 cm
Bust2 ft 5 in / 72.5 cm
Waist1 ft 8 in / 50.5 cm
Hip2 ft 7 in / 79 cm
Feet Length8 in / 21 cm
Shoulders Width1ft 4 in / 40cm
Sex Doll Heloise Review

Heloise Customization Options

This is your creative playground, where you can unleash your imagination and add the finishing touches to our Heloise according to your preference. Let your creativity flow as you craft every detail to reflect your vision of a Gothic vixen. Have fun with:

  • Skin tone: Choose the skin tone for your love doll: white, natural, light tan, or dark tan.
  • Hairstyle: Select a wig that compliments your design perfectly.
  • Eye color: Pick the color of your dreams. Heloise offers a variety of eye color options, from brown, gray, and dark blue to light blue, light gray or dark gray.
  • Improved mouth: You have two options here: textured or with tongue. Pick the option that provides a better oral sensation for you.
  • Breasts: Which material would you like for her breasts? Opting for solid ensures they are filled with the same material as the rest of the body. Choosing hollow maintains an empty interior, enhancing softness and bounce. Alternatively, gel-filled breasts are the latest technology and a popular choice that offers added realism, softness, and bounce.
  • Vagina and vagina hair type: Pick fixed or removable vagina. The removable vagina option is easier to take care of regarding cleaning. Opting for a bold vagina is a free option, while if you prefer pubic hair, it comes with an additional cost of $50.
  • Skeleton type: The EVO skeleton is a more advanced feature that enables the doll to pose in different positions more freely, whereas the standard skeleton is more limited.
  • Extra free head: Add a second head to your order, free of charge, allowing you to feel like you have two different love dolls for the same price.

Premium Body Options

Experience premium body enhancements for Heloise to elevate your satisfaction. With these options available, get ready to embark on a journey where satisfaction knows no bounds and for unforgettable experiences that will leave you craving for more.

  • Hyper-realism Body Painting and Freckles: The painting technique will give Heloise veins, moles, and freckles, accomplishing a more authentic and lifelike appearance that closely looks like the one of a real woman.
  • Auto-Sucking Vagina: Add this feature and lose yourself in the sheer pleasure of her blowjob.
  • Body Moaning: Make her scream and enjoy every moment of your love games.
  • Body Heating: Heat her body to your preference to give you an even more realistic feeling when playing with her.
  • Articulated Fingers: These enhanced fingers can bend where people’s fingers normally bend, increasing Heloise’s realistic look.


Take a look at our range of accessories, meticulously designed to complement and improve every aspect of your journey. Ensure every encounter is an extraordinary glam experience.

  • Premium Cleaning Set: This cleaning set includes advanced cleaning items featuring a patented spray and suction system, complete with distinct compartments for used and clean water. It enables a fast and efficient cleaning process and can dry the intimate parts directly on the bed, so you won’t need to transport your doll to the bathroom.
  • Head Stand Holder: It is a perfect storage solution for your spare sex doll head.
  • Flight Case: You can purchase the case, enabling Heloise to travel with style. It is perfect for safe storage and transport of your love doll.

Why Purchase Heloise

Get ready for your ultimate package deal. You will receive a range of complimentary additions to enhance your experience with Heloise. Enjoy a bonus second head, an enhanced mouth feature, and gel-filled breasts for added realism. Plus, lose yourself in hyper-realistic body painting, articulated fingers, and standing feet for versatile posing.

Experience convenience with a lubricant-free vagina and a removable option. Boost Heloise’s mobility with the EVO skeleton upgrade, and complete the look for a premium outfit, including sexy lingerie and a pair of silicone socks. It is all included in your order to ensure maximum pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

How to Keep Heloise In Perfect Condition

Learning how to take care of Heloise is essential to ensure she will serve you for a long time. Before the first usage, clean her to remove any factory residue. It is strongly advised to clean essential areas such as the mouth, anus, and vagina after each sexual use to maintain hygiene and prolong the lifespan of your sex doll.

Begin by gathering your supplies: antibacterial soap, baby powder, water, a soft towel, a light sponge, a non-abrasive drying cloth, and premium renewal powder. Use a mix of lukewarm water and antibacterial soap and gently massage the skin with your hands or a soft sponge. Avoid wetting the neck and head, as this can cause metal parts to rust. If any metal parts get wet, dry them right away.

To dry Heloise, gently place her on a soft towel and pat dry with a clean cloth. Let her skin air dry completely, and apply talcum powder to avoid friction damage and protect her skin.

Heloise: The Mysterious Gothic Goddess to Worship in Your Bedroom

Selecting the perfect doll to suit your desires is crucial for ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. Heloise offers everything you could wish for and more, including an additional head that gives the sensation of owning two dolls in one. With an array of customizable features, the possibilities are endless and she guarantees an excellent sex experience. Features like auto blowjob, lubricant free vagina, and skeleton capable of posing in any desired position ensure an unmatched level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Check out our RosemaryDoll shop and get a doll that will give you the best time imaginable. Immerse yourself into dark pleasures with Heloise, your Gothic beauty!

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