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The Badass Macho Sex Doll Grant Review

The Badass Macho Sex Doll Grant Review

Do you fantasize about a masculine, badass male sex doll? A companion that will wake up your wildest dreams by clearing your mind and keeping your bed busy? You don’t have to be dreaming anymore – Grant can be at your doorstep in no time.

Extremely realistic and fully posable, this boy will give you a sexual climax like you’ve never even imagined. From head to toe, he’s designed only to pleasure you, over and over.

Want to learn more about Grant? Continue reading this article because we have some juicy, sexy details to share with you before you make him yours!

Grant’s Macho Appearance

This TPE hottie is brought to you by Doll Forever. They’ve “nailed it” when it comes to a macho, sexy, tough guy kind of style. When you take a first look at Grant, he’ll give you shivers, and that’s only the beginning of the sexual journey he’s planning for you.

Let’s have a look at his standard model specifications.

BrandDoll Forever
Height170cm / 5ft7
Weight40kg / 88.2lbs
Penis Lenght17cm / 7in
Anus Depth 17cm / 7in
Oral Depth11cm / 4in
Legs Lenght102cm / 3ft4
Arms Lenght73cm / 2ft5
Shoulders Width46cm / 1ft6
Grant Sex Doll Review

Premium TPE Sex Doll

If you’re tired of low-quality and useless sex dolls, relax. Grant is made to improve and fulfill your deepest fantasies, most peculiarly. His design is a fusion of realistic features. By all means, who wouldn’t want to experience Grant’s tempting appearance?!

TPE Material: Excellent And Safe Choice

Thanks to the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, sex dolls like Grant can provide an exceptional lifelike touch and feel. Manufacturers use this fleshy material because of its softness, elasticity, and texture.

The TPE material is completely safe and less likely to cause allergic reactions. It’s oil and flame-resistant. When you experience Grant, you’ll be mesmerized by the level of realism and how closely this doll resembles human skin. Kudos to TPE!

Thoughtful Design

We have to admit that Grant’s designers have taken into consideration all of the essentials for unforgettable sex pleasure. You can work your magic on him; just place him in the right position and enjoy. You know he won’t get tired, right?

Starting from his face, all the details are mesmerizing. His facial expression is visually stimulating. The position of the eyebrows, the freckled forehead, and the lightly glared look in his eyes scream, “Do you want a piece of me?”. Grant’s penis is above the average size, so you’ll probably be waddling around with a smile the day after you steamed the sheets.

Evo Skeleton

When it comes to different sex poses, Grant is fully adjustable. The EVO skeleton improves the entire love adventure. This advanced feature allows Grant to make various movements. This makes him all the more realistic and provocative.

This love doll can shrug his shoulders, lean left and right, and bend his legs in a W position, thanks to EVO and the designers’ artistic eye. It’s super flexible and allows more natural sexual posses. Oh my, this Grant guy sounds more and more tempting.

Fully Customizable

What’s more, this male TPE sex doll can be customized and allows you to play with some other options. There are eight different choices to change the color of his eyes, such as blue-green, violet, red, brown, white, yellow, etc. Proceeding from there, there are two possibilities for Grant’s skin tone. Imagine him dark-tanned with blue eyes…a definition of sex appeal, which can be yours with just one click.

His feet can also be adjusted. We recommend that you choose the standing option (for free). As he’s completely stable, you can do and explore so much more with him standing. However, it’s up to you to pick whatever you like.

For those who want to experiment even more with Grant’s appearance, there are four options for a wig choice, coming in different colors and hairstyles.

It’s up to you to dig deeper into your fantasies and find the right answer. Are you attracted to men with red hair or maybe blond? Do you want this macho sex doll to have hair, or do you prefer him as he is bald and badass? Make good choices to boost your sexual drive.

Easy Maintenance

Why is it so important to take good care of your TPE sex doll? When Grant becomes your faithful companion, he’ll require special attention. It’s your responsibility to take care of him as well, as he takes care of your deepest sexual needs.

Maintenance, hygiene, and storage – you must pay attention to these three elements if you want your lovely Grant to last. We’re here to help, so let’s cover the basic sex doll cleaning and maintenance steps!

  • Hygiene. Prevent accumulation of bacteria, mold, and other harmful substances with proper cleaning. Use a soft cloth, mild shower gel, and water. The doll’s skin should be cleaned once or twice a month. You can purchase a safe care kit to help with this.
  • Drying process. Use a softer microfiber cloth to pat your doll after cleaning. Avoid hard sponges, wire wool, or brushes with synthetic fibers.
  • Powdering. Use a make-up brush to apply baby powder on Grant’s skin. It will make him look as good as new.
  • Storage. To ensure your doll stays in good condition, you must store it properly. That includes sunlight protection, dust prevention, and positioning.

Discreet Packaging And Safe Shipping

At RosemaryDoll, we offer free shipping on each purchase. FedEx and UPS are our long-time partners, so we guarantee you’ll receive your order safe and sound.

We understand that most clients appreciate discretion, so we don’t put labels on the standard packaging. The doll will arrive at your destination in a plain carton box, undamaged and discreetly.

Why Go for Grant? Is He Worth It?

Many questions and one certain answer – Of course, he’s worth it. You can recognize the quality and effort put into every detail only by looking at his pictures. Not to mention how incredibly it feels when you actually get to taste him in the bedroom.

And let’s be honest – this model is a prime contender when you see the price. Compared to other TPE dolls, he’s relatively low-priced and a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Grant: Your Dream Sex Doll

Grant can offer you more than just a long night of wild sex. He’s a lifelike companion who’s here to stay without any judgments, requests, or commitments. The freedom he can give you is priceless, don’t you agree? This love doll will turn you into the wildest version of yourself. Make him your loving sex slave; he’s begging you, please.

Time is precious; let’s make it unforgettable. Grant is waiting for you; don’t disappoint him. Visit RosemaryDoll, where we redefine sexual boundaries and make Grant yours today!

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