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Faithe Violet by Zelex: Your Ultimate Fantasy Come to Life

Faithe Violet by Zelex: Your Ultimate Fantasy Come to Life

Introducing the stunning Faithe Violet, a tall and fit beauty from Zelex that will captivate your senses and fulfill your deepest desires. With her sleek physique and alluring presence, she stands out as a true masterpiece among sex dolls.

Imagine running your hands over her smooth, flawless skin, feeling the warmth of her body as she responds to your touch. From her perfectly sculpted curves to her enticing gaze, every inch of Faithe Violet is designed to seduce and enchant.

Whether you’re looking for a night of passion or a companion to share intimate moments with, Faithe Violet is the perfect choice. Keep reading to explore her irresistible features and discover why she’s the ultimate fantasy come to life.

Faithe Violet’s Attractive Specifications

Lose yourself in the juiciness of Faithe Violet’s luscious L-cup breasts and the inviting contours of her exquisite body. Her towering height of 175cm exudes elegance, while her voluptuous curves radiate with sex appeal unlike any other.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Zelex, we offer this silicone temptress at $2,445.00 as an investment in unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.

From her measurements to her depths, let’s highlight the attractive specifications that make her a must-have if you seek an ultimate erotic experience.

BrandIrontech Dolls
ModelSilicone Head Sex Doll Fenny
MaterialSilicone Head & TPE Body
Height5ft 5in / 164 cm
Weight99.2 lbs / 45 kg
Bra SizeH-Cup
Bust2ft 8in / 81 cm
Waist1ft 11in / 59 cm
Hip3ft 5in / 103 cm
Feet Length9in / 22 cm
Legs Length2ft 7in / 79 cm
Arms Length2ft 1in / 63 cm
Vagina Depth7in / 18 cm
Anus Depth6in / 16 cm
Oral Depth5in / 12 cm
Zelex Doll Faithe Violet Review

Special Offers and Gifts

Faithe Violet stands out for the exclusive benefits that accompany her purchase. When you choose her, you’ll enjoy a range of special offers, including:

  • + 50% OFF Extra Head
  • + FREE Inspiration Series – Gel Breasts/Soft Boobs
  • + FREE Inspiration Series – EXP Skeleton
  • + FREE Reduced Weight
  • + FREE Articulated Fingers
  • + FREE Inspiration Series – Hyper-realism Body Painting
  • + FREE Standing Feet
  • + FREE Standing No Bolts/Hard Feet
  • + FREE Implanted Eyebrows & Eyelashes
  • + FREE Removable Vagina
  • + FREE EVO Skeleton Upgrade
  • + FREE Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking
  • + FREE Inspiration Series – Gel Butt/Soft Butt
  • + FREE Inspiration Series – Movable Jaw
  • + FREE Premium Outfit

Faithe Violet brings a complete package, including a wig, comb, English manual, vaginal cleaning instrument, and sexy erotic underwear, all on the house!

She will be shipped to your doorstep by UPS/FedEx for FREE, wherever. The doll will be packed in a plain carton box without a label so nobody can have a peek at what’s inside.

Faithe Violet’s Material Mastery

Faithe Violet’s silicone construction is a guarantee for a durable investment in your sex life. This hypoallergenic material offers an amazing level of resilience to regular use while providing the needed flexibility and allowing Faithe to perform well in a variety of poses.

You’ll quickly notice that the texture of Faithe Violet’s silicone is remarkably realistic, mimicking the softness and suppleness of human skin. As if that’s not enough, the material is temperature sensitive, so your doll can gradually warm up to body temperature during your encounters.

Zelex expertise in material selection and craftsmanship is particularly evident in Faithe Violet’s construction, especially in certain body parts, add-ons, and customizable features.

EXP Skeleton

As you’ve followed the evolution of sex dolls, you’ve likely witnessed the gradual advancement from standard to EVO skeletons, marking a significant improvement in their realism and functionality. However, Zelex has now introduced a groundbreaking development with its EXP skeleton, setting a new standard in lifelike movement and expression.

The EXP skeleton enables Faithe Violet to move even better, progressing in conveying emotions and interacting with you. It features advanced ball joints with adjustable torsion, ensuring exceptional durability and performance.

If you decide to upgrade Faithe Violet with an EXP skeleton for FREE, you get an addition of new shoulder joints that enable her shoulders to be shrunk, expanding the range of poses she can achieve.

The spherical joint in her neck will allow her a greater range of head movement, creating more natural lines between the head and neck, while the elbow double joints will help your doll move her arms more naturally.

You won’t have to worry about balance and stability as Faithe Violet’s redesigned waist and adjusted joint strength will provide a stable base and easy twisting.

Customize Faithe Violet with the Zelex Inspiration Series

Thanks to Zelex’s exclusive Inspiration Series, Faithe Violet now offers a range of features designed to blow your mind. The new and exclusive oral structure is an absolute standout as it closely mimics a natural human oral structure.

With a movable jaw and specially designed makeup for the head, Faithe Violet looks more lively and natural when her mouth is open, so you can just imagine what a delight would oral sex with her be.

The Inspiration Series includes upgrades to the breasts and buttocks without extra costs. Modeled after actual female anatomy, these gel and soft boobs and ass are like heaven to touch, resembling real human skin.

We can’t forget about Faithe Violet’s one-of-a-kind customization options, offering separate vaginas with interchangeable labia shapes. Just go for the type of labia you prefer and test your limits while this menace is pushing you into erotic ecstasy.

What’s more, Zelex has developed a new color sealing process for the Inspiration Series, ensuring that Faithe Violet’s makeup is detailed, three-dimensional, and long-lasting. Take this even one step further by adorning her skin with hyperrealistic body painting, and witness your fantasies coming to life.

How to Customize Faithe Violet to Perfection?

After reaping the benefits of the latest advancements such as the EXP skeleton and the

Inspiration Series features, you can further customize Faithe Violet to perfection with a range of fine details:

  • Added Hymen
  • Body and Head Moaning
  • Reduced Weight
  • Articulated Fingers
  • Sunburn and Freckles
  • Head Type (Hard and Soft Silicone)
  • Hairstyle (Wig or Implanted)
  • Eye and Lip Color
  • Implanted Eyebrows and Eyelashes
  • Customizable Vagina and Anus (Depth, Diameter, and Texture)

Maintaining and Cleaning Faithe Violet

To ensure Faithe Violet remains in top condition, clean her regularly with mild soap and warm water, focusing on areas that come into contact with your skin. For her intimate areas, clean any removable parts separately, or use a douche or sponge for fixed areas.

After cleaning, thoroughly dry Faithe before storing her in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. To maintain her skin’s texture, consider using baby powder or cornstarch. Avoid harsh chemicals or DIY repairs, which can damage her delicate features.

Why Faithe Violet Is Your Perfect Choice

Crafted with premium silicone and innovative design, Faithe Violet is the ultimate partner for fulfilling your desires. Whether you crave emotional depth or wild sex, she’s here to offer an unrivaled experience that pushes the boundaries of realism.

Dare to go beyond the ordinary and elevate your fantasies with Faithe Violet? Your desires await – embrace them with Faithe Violet by your side!

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