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Debbyka Sex Doll: A Mystical Platinum Sorceress

Debbyka Sex Doll A Mystical Platinum Sorceress

Looking for someone to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies? The platinum sorceress Debbyka and her magical tricks might be the perfect choice for you. You might think Debbyka is just an ordinary, sweet fantasy creature. Under that shield of shyness lays a merciless goddess ready to entrap you with her hot body and graceful curves.

She will seduce you the moment you lay your eyes on her, and you won’t even be able to resist her charm. Not only will she captivate your senses, but you will ask for more. Now, that’s a kind of magic, isn’t it?

Can Debbyka throw a sex spell on you? Find out by checking this review. We present you with the doll’s specifications, making her an irresistible, lifelike companion. Let the magic begin!

An Overview of Debbyka’s Specifications

SE Dolls is Rosemary Doll’s “partner in crime,” the brand behind Debbyka’s existence. She was designed with only one thing in mind—to unleash your passion in its fullness and provide you with an unparalleled experience.

The doll’s skin texture and softness will transport you into the magical world of passion and delightful interaction. Priced at $1,899.00, Debbyka embodies a mystical sensuality that waits to be discovered by your touch.

Let’s look closer at her body’s specifications that make her unique and charming.

BrandSE Dolls
Body Type5ft5 F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Debbyka
Height5ft 5in / 166 cm
Weight 77.2 lbs / 35 kg
Bra SizeF-Cup
Vagina Depth7 in / 17 cm
Anus Depth7 in / 17 cm
Bust2 ft 9 in / 83 cm
Waist1 ft 8 in / 50.5 cm
Hip2 ft 11 in / 89 cm
Feet Length8 in / 21 cm
Debbyka Sex Doll Review

Order Debbyka and Get a Special Offer

When you choose Debbyka, you can have these extras that will help you immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience:

  • 2ND Head
  • Gel Breasts
  • Enhanced Mouth
  • Articulated Fingers
  • Hyper-realism Body painting
  • Standing Feet
  • Removable Vagina
  • Lubricant-free Vagina
  • EVO Skeleton Upgrade
  • Premium Outfit (a pair of silicone socks and sexy lingerie)

Discreetly packed, you will receive Debbyka for free via UPS/FedEx alongside some additional conveniences that will elevate your pleasure, like sexy erotic underwear, a wig, and a comb.

Are you worried about the maintenance of the doll? We’ve got you covered! In the box, you will find a pair of handling gloves and a vagina cleaner that will help you keep your sex doll clean and hygienic.

A Glimpse of the Doll’s Design and Material

You may wonder why Debbyka is a true masterpiece in the realm of sex dolls, but the answer is quite simple. Thanks to the high-quality design made of material incorporating thermoplastic and elastomeric properties known as TPE, Debbyka comes with a texture that adds an incredible sense of realism.

Apart from the incredible softness that makes this material feel like human skin, it features non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties, which make it safe to use.

Customize Debbyka and Unlock Her Full Potential

One of the best features of Debbyka is the possibility of personalizing her body parts and facial features. We’re sure that this will not only set you on fire, but you’ll also have a lot of fun. Choose from these options while you’re riding the wave of inspiration:

  • Extra Head: If you get a little bored and need diversity to spice up your fantasies, choose an extra head. The selected head will match the skin of your doll.
  • Skin tone: You can choose between white, natural, light tan, and dark tan. Which one would be perfect for you?
  • Hairstyle: Straight, curly, long, short, and fourteen other hairstyles. The choice is yours!
  • Eye Color: Immerse yourself in Debbyka’s eyes, ranging from brown, green, dark blue, light blue, dark grey, and light grey, and allow them to take you on a mystical journey!
  • Enhanced Mouth Add-on: Are you secretly hoping that Debbyka will stimulate your oral sex most realistically? Then, choose the tongue option.
  • Breast Options: Where is the fun if you don’t feel softiness while grabbing Debbyka’s breasts? Depending on your preferences, you can decide between solid, hollow, or gel breasts. If you’re still in doubt, we suggest you pick up the last one for heightened pleasure, giving you a realistic tactile experience.
  • Standing Add-on: Make your decision based on the various sex positions that will set you on fire.
  • Insertable Penis Add-on: For getting the ultimate pleasure by stimulating your G-spot.

Vagina Options and Vagina Hair Type

You can even decide whether you want your realistic companion to come with a clean-shaven intimate area or a more natural look with a bushy vagina type. Even the smallest details can lead to a steamy adventure!

Debbyka comes with a built-in or removable vagina. If you’re a newcomer in the world of sex dolls or simply don’t have much time for cleaning your doll, choose the option with the removable vagina for its practicality. If, on the other hand, you would like to enjoy a romantic shower together with your sex doll, opt for the built-in vagina. Keep in mind that you will have to put more effort into cleaning it.

Options for Extra Pleasure

Looking out for even more passionate moments wrapped up in magic? Don’t miss out on any of these options:

  • Body Heating: This feature allows Debbyka’s body temperature to increase during the moment of the highest pleasure. Can you imagine a more sensual moment than that?
  • Body Moaning: We bet you still haven’t heard the most exciting moaning sounds.
  • Lubricated Vagina: You can put some water instead lubricant and enjoy the magic.
  • Auto Blowjob: Why don’t you try this amazing feature and let Debbyka blow up your senses?

Tips for Caring of Debbyka

The first thing you should do after having received your sex doll is to clean it thoroughly. Apart from that, you should clean up her anal, vaginal, and oral cavity after every sexual encounter. Cleaning the doll will not only guarantee your safety but also protect it from bacteria and germs.

You can clean her by gently wiping its surface, using water and antibacterial soap. Use a soft cloth to dry it, but don’t forget to keep away her from the blow dryer. Ideally, the final touch of the cleaning process would be applying baby powder.

Immerse in the Magical World of Debbyka

If you’re still looking for a modern sex doll that will offer you a distinctive, lifelike experience, look no further because Debbyka has everything you’re looking for. Why don’t you sit back, relax, and leave her to do everything for you using her magical stick?

The doll’s high-quality design, advanced functions, and customizable features are highly praised among customers. Last but not least, the doll comes with a stack of accessories that can additionally boost your deepest fantasies.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your platinum sorceress now by adding it to your Rosemary Doll shopping cart, and dive even deeper into the magical world of sexual pleasures!

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