Sex Doll Maintenance

Protecting Your Passion: Complete Guide to Sex Doll Care

Sex Doll Care Tips

Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular as individuals look for new ways to spice up intimacy and fulfill their desires. Sex dolls allow owners to design their ideal companion by selecting a preferred body type to personality traits.

With this adjustment, encounters are fulfilling, freed from the limitations and judgments often associated with human partners. This highly customizable sexual experience allows individuals to explore their desires and needs.

However, owners are responsible for their longevity and physical condition. Owning a sex doll comes with obligations, especially in terms of maintenance, hygiene, and storage practices. Only with proper management can their expected lifespan be maintained. Therefore, through this comprehensive guide, we will cover the basic sex doll care steps.

Importance of Sex Doll Care For Longevity

When acquiring a sex doll, it is essential to prioritize learning how to clean and maintain it properly. A well-maintained doll will serve you better and longer. Here are some basic benefits of sex doll care:

  • Hygiene: First and foremost, sex dolls need to be maintained for hygiene. Proper cleaning prevents the accumulation of bacteria, mold, and other harmful substances that can pose health risks.
  • Longevity: Cleaning your doll regularly and storing it properly can extend the life of your sex doll, ensuring it stays in good condition for a long time.
  • Appearance: Caring for your intimate companion helps preserve her appearance by preventing stains, discoloration, and damage to her hair, makeup, and other surfaces.
  • Comfort: A well-maintained sex doll is more comfortable to use, providing a better experience for you as a user.
  • Value: The prices of these adult toys can be quite high. Proper care can help maintain the doll’s value if you decide to resell it.

Sex Doll Maintenance Tips

Your sex doll is delicate and requires special attention. If you are not sure you are maintaining it correctly, follow the following tips from our team of professionals with long experience in this market.

Cleaning Your Love Doll

To properly maintain the doll’s skin, it’s best to clean it once or twice a month. Replace aggressive detergents and materials with a soft cloth, mild shower gel, and water. Watch out for places where water can get trapped and cause moisture problems.

If you prefer direct contact with the sex doll or unprotected sex, cleaning should be thorough. Rinse the doll’s vents using a tube you can order with the Rosemary Doll Care Kits if you don’t have them. This step is crucial to prevent mold build-up, as damp and dark areas are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Drying Process

After cleaning your sex doll comes the drying. Gently pat the doll with a soft microfiber cloth, avoiding materials such as hard sponges, brushes with synthetic fibers, or wire wool, which can cause damage. After you’ve dried most of it with the towel, let the doll air dry for a few hours before putting it away.


In different periods of time, the skin of the sex doll can develop a sticky texture and attract hair or dust. To rejuvenate the doll’s skin, we recommend applying “restoring powder” or talcum powder. It is used so that the doll gets a fresh look and feels as if it were new.

For smooth and consistent application, a makeup brush is your best friend. There is no specific guideline on how often to powder your doll. Do this as needed or when the doll’s skin gets sticky. It is important to avoid applying talcum powder while the doll is still wet, and do not use other chemicals and scented products on your doll.

Sex Doll Skin Care

In addition to powdering, try to get high-quality cleaning cloths. A low-quality cloth can damage or smear the color of the doll’s skin, which you would want to avoid for aesthetic reasons. It is recommended to wash the cloth before use to ensure cleanliness. To better clean the doll, you can also remove the head from the body to keep the makeup on the doll.

Keep the doll’s skin away from objects that may transfer color, such as food, leather, newspapers, or anything else that could potentially stain and damage. Additionally, avoid exposing the doll’s skin to direct sunlight.

Body Movements

The sex doll has a skeleton and movable joints that allow it to keep its shape like a real person. Before you start using the doll, it is recommended to study the joints and the movements they allow. You may break the doll if you quickly move to a position they can’t take.

Be mindful of which joints move easily and their limitations to avoid putting undue pressure. Avoid subjecting the doll to impacts on hard surfaces or contact with sharp objects to maintain its integrity and longevity.

How to Store Your Sex Doll Properly?

Proper storage is essential to the care of your sex doll. Here’s what to do to ensure your doll stays in its best condition:

  • Sunlight Protection: Prolonged exposure to the sun can accelerate the degradation of the TPE material, leading to faster wear and tear. At the same time, it can also cause spots on the skin. We recommend storing your doll away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality.
  • Dust Prevention: Your doll’s skin is made of material prone to dust absorption, which can be challenging to remove. Store the doll in a storage bag or the original product box to minimize dust accumulation.
  • Color transfer: When storing the dolls, remember the material in the bag or box where you will keep them. The wrong materials can lead to color transfer to the doll’s skin. Opt for a storage bag made from colorless materials to avoid potential problems in the future.
  • Positioning: Good positioning is key when storing sex dolls to prevent dents and cracks. Sex dolls have joints that, if stretched badly, will deform. Unnatural positioning and pressure from other objects can significantly damage the doll.

Key Takeaways

Regular care and maintenance are key to preserving the beauty and longevity of your sex doll. Following the tips outlined in this comprehensive guide ensures that your doll will remain in excellent condition for years to come, providing continued enjoyment and satisfaction for you. Establishing regular cleaning routines, conducting periodic inspections, and storing the doll in an appropriate environment are essential steps.

At Rosemary Doll, we take care of your intimate companions and offer a selection of premium sex doll repair kits. Available for convenient purchase through our website, offering comprehensive solutions to help you easily maintain and restore your doll.


If you want to wash the doll’s body, you can remove the head from the body, and don’t forget to adjust the water temperature accordingly.

If you want to get special kits for your sex doll, choose an authorized seller. Rosemary Doll is a brand you can completely trust with your intimate needs.
Yes. To keep your doll’s lashes in place, lie down and use a small tool to reposition or apply glue to loose lashes.
Solid storage options for these dolls are dark and dry places. It should be out of sight of the pet and kept in a separate box.

The sex doll should be cleaned after each use, specifically the openings of the doll. But thorough cleaning is recommended every 2-4 weeks.

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