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A Seductive Blonde Belly Dancer Ariel Review

A Seductive Blonde Belly Dancer Ariel Review

Sex dolls come in all forms and sizes. But today, we introduce one that strikes the perfect balance. Meet Ariel, a silicone sex doll from Piper Dolls that can turn your world around.

She’s a head-turning blonde with stunning blue eyes, a button nose, and pouty lips. Ariel is dressed in a cut-out chain dress that makes her look like an exotic belly dancer. One can quickly imagine her in that role, as it accentuates her heavenly curves and seductive appearance.

Continue reading to learn about her body specifications, customization options, and why she’s an excellent addition to your sex doll harem.

Ariel’s Greek Goddess Body

As you can tell from the pictures, Ariel’s body isn’t just extremely harmonious and statuesque. It’s pure art. It looks like it was sculpted out of clay or carved out of marble. Don’t let the chance slip by, and learn about her goddess-like proportions in the table below. After all, such specimens don’t occur twice.

Height: 4 ft 11 in / 150 cmWeight: 55.1 lbs / 25 kg
Bra Size: K-CupFeet Length: 7 in / 19 cm
Bust: 2 ft 7 in / 79 cmLegs Length: 2 ft 7 in / 78 cm
Waist: 1 ft 8 in / 50 cmArms Length: 1 ft 7 in / 48 cm
Hip: 2 ft 7 in / 80 cmShoulders Width: 1 ft 2 in / 35 cm
Vagina Depth: 7 in / 17 cmAnus Depth: 6 in / 14 cm
Oral Depth: N/APrice: $2,899.00
Ariel Sex Doll Review

Beautify Ariel

There’s no doubt that Ariel is a real knockout the way she is. However, we’re aware that even a slight change in her physicality can fulfill your deepest desires.

Let your imagination run wild and picture your ideal vision of a sex doll. Then, roll your sleeves up and transform her into your dream sex doll with a few clicks. Remember, you’re the real creator of your sex doll. We just execute your carefully thought-out ideas to make her a tangible reality. Take a look at all the features you can experiment with:

  • Skin Tone: Choose from gentle white, exotic tan, or a girly, pink-white undertone.
  • Hairstyle: You can create your ideal sex doll hair, be it a bubbly blonde, mystical brunette, or coquettish pastel pink hair.
  • Eye Color: From dreamy sea blue to magnetic emerald green eyes, we have it all. It’s up to you to make up your mind and decide.
  • Makeup Option: With the permanent makeup style, you can rest assured your sex doll will always stay stunningly chic.
  • Lip Color: From vibrant fuchsia and fiery red to earthy, natural, and gentle pink, we’re convinced you’ll find something that fits your taste.
  • Skeleton Type Add-on: The EVO skeleton is ideal if you have an exploratory nature and you get bored easily. You’ll never have a dull moment with a flexible sex doll capable of doing a range of poses. You can get the most out of this quality by using her both for sexual positioning and modeling photography.

Private Parts

Sex doll customization isn’t finished without a proper selection of details related to her private parts. They say that ideal breasts and vaginas don’t exist. We categorically disagree with this. At RosemaryDoll, you dictate the look of your doll’s intimate parts. You create your own perfection!

Ariel comes with gel breasts – widely known as the best option for everyone who’s into quality. Given the fact that this material is used for real women’s breast implants, they’re the most lifelike. Boobs squishing and jiggling don’t get any hotter than the one of Ariel.

When it comes to the areola colors, go with either tender pink and natural or mature light brown and red. The size of her areola counts, too – 3, 4, and 5 cm are the options available.

As for her vagina, you can choose a light pinkish, pinkish-brown, or dark brownish shade. If you’re one to experiment, then you can add a vagina hairstyle that comes in a bushy black, brown, and blonde public hairstyle. It’s important to note that the built-in vagina is challenging to clean. But it compensates for this drawback with its utterly lifelike look and out-of-this-world feel.

Premium Body Options for a Premium Quality Sex Doll

Now that you’ve selected Ariel’s general specifications, let’s move on to the next task. To step up your customization game, you have to sift through our premium body options. At this stage, you measure your preferences and wisely choose the ones that you’ll benefit the most from. This one is a real brain snack, so let’s check out what we have in stock for you.

Hyper-Realism Body Painting, Hard Hands & Feet

This is RosemaryDoll, and we do things differently here. We don’t want you to get that tacky artificial look that’s strongly tied to a sex doll’s physicality. Instead, Ariel’s skin comes with veins, freckles, and an extremely realistic skin texture. They perfectly mimic the appearance of a real woman in your bedroom.

Unlike the majority of sex dolls, this one lacks the general soft hand and feet. Conversely, they’re firm enough to signal durability yet not too harsh to retain the lifelike look and feel.

Soft Butt and Implanted Hair

Your doll’s buttocks deserve to be extra pleasant to touch and should satisfy your tactile senses. Well, Ariel’s soft but will make you drool. It’s simply too irresistible not to play with it.

The implanted hair feature takes doll realism to a whole new level. It’s especially convenient both for erotic photo sessions and hardcore hair pulling.

Sexy Lingerie

We know you prefer your sex kitten without clothes, but the right dresses, clothing accessories, and lingerie can further enhance her. At RosemaryDoll, you can check out our range of sexy outfits for Ariel, and we bet she can slay each one of them.

How to Maintain Ariel in a Flawless Condition

By simply adhering to the following maintenance tips, Ariel will remain as flawless as the first day she came to your door.

  • Wash her thoroughly before the first usage. Only then can you get rid of factory residue.
  • Never apply strong force to the material when you brush her. Instead, go with soft and tender movements that won’t damage her skin.
  • Pay extra attention to her vagina, anal, and mouth cavity while cleaning her, as they’re especially prone to bacteria and dust build-up.
  • Don’t leave her in extreme temperatures, and never dry her with a hair dryer. Use a soft cloth instead.

Why Ariel is Perfect for You | RosemaryDoll

Purchasing Ariel has many benefits, but the focus is primarily on her petite frame. You can place her in the most challenging sex positions that can blow your mind in seconds. She doesn’t take up much space, yet her luscious K cups and peachy bum will always fit your hands perfectly.

This descriptive preview isn’t enough to understand her quintessential characteristics. You’ll realize how good they feel only after you experience them. Don’t live in ignorance. Get Ariel and bring your dreams to life!

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