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Sensual Upgrade: Sex Dolls’ Oral Heating & Suction

In the world of intimate technology, sex dolls have evolved with innovations like the Oral Heating Function and Oral Sucking Feature. Brands like Anglekiss, Yearndoll, and Irontech have embraced these advances, enhancing the realism and sensory experience for users.

Oral Heating Function

1. Elegant Design

Ingeniously placed behind the doll’s ear, the charging port is unobtrusive, ensuring it doesn’t compromise the doll’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Material Safety

The tongue, crafted from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, not only ensures safety but also enhances the lifelike experience.

3. Effortless Charging

Utilizing a Type C charging cable, a mere 15 to 20 minutes of charging elevates the oral temperature to a realistic 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, mirroring human body warmth flawlessly.

4. Long-lasting Warmth

A single charge maintains the warmth for 2 to 3 hours, offering an extended period of realistic intimacy.

Oral Sucking Feature

1. Intuitive Control

With three adjustable settings, users can seamlessly customize their experience. The transition between modes is effortless, requiring a simple press of the ‘M’ button.

2. Tailored Intensity

Users can explore different intensities, creating a personalized encounter that caters to individual desires and preferences.

Note that the oral heating function is currently available on some heads of Anglekiss and Yearndoll. If you are interested in this feature, please leave a comment or contact us via [email protected].

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