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RosemaryDoll Review: Zelex X165 Ordered and Received

RosemaryDoll Review: Zelex X165 Ordered and Received

Hello, ok, so before I begin I must tell you that I suck at written reviews so here goes nothing.

I was looking for another doll and as I have already owned a few Zelex dolls and actually still have a 155 and a 165 (normal) Zelex I decided to have a look and see what they had to offer.

I had settled on a 175 cm and started to look for a vendor and as RosemaryDoll had a lot of good reviews I decided to have a look on their website.

I found one that was advertised as “In Stock in the EU” so I made an inquiry, however, as it turned out it was actually out of stock, Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had another look and decided that I would buy the X165 and have it made from scratch.

RosemaryDoll was offering more “Free” add-ons than the other vendors I had looked at and also their price was very competitive so this was another reason I chose to purchase from them.

The sales rep I was in communication with was Sholto and he was very quick at answering any question I had so all good: thumbs-up: .

Order Details.

Zelex X165 Fair skin tone
Head G52 soft silicone with ROS (no freckles)
Head GE98 hard silicone with freckles
Hard standing feet
Gell breasts and Ass
New exp Skeleton
Articulated Fingers Hard hands
Body Make up{paint}
Blue eyes in both heads.
Removable VG


Order Date: August 29, 2023
Factory Photos: September 15th, 2023
Tracking Number Issued: September 19th, 2023
Package arrived: October 4th 2023 (UK) {No custom fees or problems at all}

Box contents:

Doll body
2x heads
Zelex box with USB warmer comb, user instructions, and a small spanner for release of the in-transit storage bolt this prevents the neck from getting damaged in transit :thumbs_up: Bikini
Addition gift from rosemary doll (Lovely swimsuit) thank you :thumbs_up:
Vg insert

Ok so as for the doll
My first impression was that I thought she looked like a female power lifter as she is “thick”  but in my eyes, she looks very realistic body-wise though she does have a longer torso and shorter legs but again I think it looks fine.

Height is 148cm without head
Heads are around 20 cm so she comes in ar around 168cm depending on how you measure her I guess?

She is heavy though, I did ask for weight reduction (I think) her advertised weight it 36.5 kg but she actually weighs in at 41.8kg (without head).

Head GE98 hard silicone weight is 2.6kg

Head G52 soft silicone with ROS weight is 3.2kg

However, I can just about manage her weight when moving her around.

Silicone is very good as is the body makeup but only time will tell how long this will last.
Skeleton feels really good and the joints are tight but not too tight so it is a struggle to pose her.

Her “Hard ” standing feet can do with improvement as they are firm but also soft and I can see them getting damaged over time. (need to be harder)

Gell Ass is firm but very soft (not so sure there is actually gell in there though) but does feel ok.

The finger skeleton is very good but the fingers themself a very thin,(making them thicker would be a good improvement)

Otherwise, I am happy with the purchase the only downside for me is her actually weight, and her feet are not as hard as I would like but she i lovely to look at and I am sure she will be a joy to work with once I renew my gym membership.

Now to the pictures.

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