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RosemaryDoll Review: Jarliet Full Silicone Sex Doll 167cm

Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review - 2

Decision Making Process:

I had been window shopping for over a year to find the doll that hit all my checkboxes, but every doll would have some major detail that would make it a deal breaker. I flirted with just about every brand, all the way up to high-tier brands, but I would always convince myself out of it. I didn’t want to compromise, but something that I’ve learned in the doll world is that there’s always a trade-off.

Essentially, I wanted a super realistic doll but was otherwise a jack of all trades. I wanted hyperrealism for photography, but I wanted her still to be functionally usable. I wanted her soft enough but still durable. I also wanted a light doll, if possible, to see if weight is as big a deal as the boards say it is. My TPE doll is 95 lbs on a good day, and I have no problem moving her around. I wanted to see if weight really does make a difference.

One major hurdle was a combination of features I wanted: a movable jaw WITH implanted hair and eyebrows. Wigs and painted eyebrows are huge turnoffs and a major tell that you’re looking at a doll. The same is true for a static expression, so I wanted to experiment and combine these features for added realism. Many brands offer movable jaws, and most brands offer implanted hair, but very few do both together. This is how I created my shortlist.

In the end, I ordered:

Jarliet Full Silicone 167CM “Lynn”
Implanted Hair and Eyebrows
Movable Jaw
Articulated Fingers
Standing Feet w/o bolts
Gel Breasts
EVO skeleton

Vendor Choice:

I so HAPPILY went with I went with them because they have a great website and have easily the best prices available. I had a little bit of rapport with them because they answered a lot of my pre-purchase questions and were always informative and responsive. They didn’t have Jarliet’s full silicone dolls listed, so I sent a message if they would be able to offer her. They were very quick to reply and offered me an outstanding deal. Maybe I got an introductory price since this was Jarliet’s first generation of silicone dolls, but the deal was too good to pass up so I jumped very quickly. This says a lot considering how long I usually dwell over doll decisions. (Admittedly, my wife went ahead and purchased her because she knows how annoyingly indecisive I can be on things like this). From order to delivery took about 30 days. She came with a nice kimono, lingerie, a bathing suit, warmer, replacement nails, silicone socks, 2x M16 bolts (one quick connect, one standard), and a flushing device.

At delivery, FedEx dropped the package off at the wrong address. I went two days assuming the package was stolen, but Rosemarydoll was amazing the whole time. They were very supportive and assured me that they would take care of everything. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve the box untampered, but I have no doubt that Rosemarydoll would have made everything right if I hadn’t. I’m very happy I went with them and they absolutely have me as a customer for my future doll purchases.

Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review 1

I love the head! The head has excellent detail and looks super realistic, especially in person. My brain is completely fooled when I see her. The head is softer than I thought it would be, probably to accommodate the moving jaw. People who like to kiss their dolls should be pleased. The hair feels soft and the shedding has been minimal. It feels like it’ll hold up well, but we’ll have to see over time. She has small pores in her skin, particularly in the cheeks and nose. The camera simply does not do her justice.

The eyes are mechanical. You press in slightly and they “click,” then you can move them easily. One eye is slightly wider than the other, which I think might be a defect but I kind of like it. It makes her look that much more alive, since nobody is 100% symmetrical.

The movable jaw opens about halfway. She doesn’t seem able to open her mouth into a full, gaping expression, but I haven’t pushed it too much to avoid damage. She can seal her lips completely or have them parted slightly, all of which give different facial expressions. The tongue is rather thin and small. You can pull the tongue and have the tip stick out slightly to make a face, but not as much as a real person would be able to.

The neck seam is practically non-existent and fits just about perfectly. I never notice it despite normally being really distracted by neck seams, both in person and in photos. It’s nearly seamless.


The skin is very detailed. It has various textures built into the mold. She has zero smell. The seamline is present but not distracting whatsoever, and is far less apparent in real life compared to the photos. Out of the box, she was already smooth to the touch and initially had more of a “grease” to her than an oil. After a slight powder, she is completely oil-free and she’s far far far smoother than my TPE doll. The tactile feel and smoothness of the skin is incredible. Your hand simply glides on her body, like real skin. It was a pleasant surprise and I didn’t know I would love it so much.

The paint on the skin was not quite as detailed and varied as I was hoping, but still very well done. She has a pink undertone that gives her a very lifelike, fleshy color. The nipples and vagina are pink. She has extraordinarily realistic veins all throughout her body, especially the breasts, hands, feet, and legs. They appear like they rest just underneath the skin and are quite faint. I could have accepted them to be a big more obvious, but to Jarliet’s credit this is the most realistic direction they could go. I did expect the skin to have more freckles and asymmetrical discoloration in general, though. Human skin tends to have various tones and not a uniform white/pink. At very very very close inspection you can tell that she does indeed have a slight overlay of freckles atop the white skin; however, the actual colored particles are so small that you have to really focus to see them. The effect is realistic, but I did expect more evident moles or freckles randomly scattered about, more discoloration around knuckles and joints, etc. Durability of the paint seems to be good, but this will need more testing over time. I haven’t noticed any fading yet, which can’t be said for all silicone brands, and so far no issues with staining.

The breasts are softer than my TPE doll’s. Like most gel breasts, they feel like a really good boob job. They do create a slight “droop” effect when she’s bent forward. They are quite squeezable and soft. These are definitely the best parts of her body to touch.

Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review 3

The rest of her body is comparable or slightly firmer than my TPE doll. The stomach presses in easily with just a finger press. The torso feels overall soft but firm, but the legs are noticeably harder than the top half. This might be done to support standing her up. This is ok because she is a skinny model, and her legs would be mostly bone, but I would have liked a bit more to squeeze here. It would be nice if her thighs were a tad softer. It’s not rock hard, and it doesn’t have that “car tire” feel, but it is harder than one would expect.

Feet lovers rejoice! She has incredible feet details, with very fine wrinkles and creases throughout. The feet are not abnormally small like we sometimes see. The toes are firm and don’t have the “wiggly” toes problem. The back of the ankle is super detailed, with little creases like a real foot. Photos don’t do it justice. The standing feet are certainly harder than the rest of her body and feel quite durable. I don’t plan on standing her, but it is nice to know that if I hit her feet on the door while carrying her that she won’t lose a toe. The seamline between the soft and hard material is barely visible unless you’re really looking for it.

Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review 6

At 67lbs, she is light as a feather. I wanted to try a lighter doll to see if it is indeed the gamechanger the board would have me believe, and I have to admit, this is pretty great. I can manage my 95lbs doll with relative ease, but I still had to plan and prepare for any new positioning around the house. I can simply scoop Lynn up with ease on the fly, and moving forward a doll would have to be something special for me to go back to the “backpain club.” Being silicone means that when you lift her, you’re lifting a solid object, whereas with TPE the material deforms in your hands like moving Jell-O. Things that used to be a chore like dressing her, moving her around the house, and posing her is all super easy.

Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review 8
The joints came pretty tight. They seem easier to move after manipulating them around a bit. I can’t quite tell if she has shrugging shoulders or not; it’s always hard to figure out how to manipulate them at first, and once you do its hard to get them even again, so I’m in no hurry to test this out.
Jarliet Full Silicone 167cm Review 9

The hands have good details where you would expect them, such as slight wrinkles on the palms and joints. I would have liked more details personally, as what is there doesn’t stand out much compared to the rest of the body. The articulated fingers have the same joints as a human hand, and they feel pretty durable. I haven’t had any finger pokes but I imagine it’s possible. The hands have some hardness to them, but not as hard as the feet. The fingers pose as you would expect and she can hold onto objects pretty well. Her wrists do not move side to side horizontally, but she can move the standard up/down and twist. The nails look like care was put into being placed and are secure. Like her feet, I like that the hands are appropriately sized for her body, which is nice to see compared to other brands.

The inside of the vagina is textured and is the softest part of the entire body, way softer even than my TPE doll. The outer vagina feels quite firm so I imagine it will be tear resistant, but the inside feels like it may lose some of the inner textures due to being so incredibly soft, almost gel-like. The canal starts wide and quickly tightens until it feels like it simply can’t be pushed in further. I don’t feel a silicone plug anywhere, at least. It’s hard to describe, but the canal entry has soft textured walls, and then the inner canal tightens with an interior of extremely soft, jelly like tendril protrusions.

The butt is fairly hard. I can’t give too much insight on this as it’s not a huge selling point for me. I imagine butt-lovers won’t be thrilled with her, since she doesn’t have wide hips and the butt definitely is not gel-filled, which I’m not sure if Jarliet even offers. The butt feels harder to me than the rest of the body (besides the feet), which might be to assist in sitting without deformation. The inner anus feels much like the inner vagina, but maybe slightly tighter. The outer anus is well-detailed and realistic.


This is a fantastic doll. I had concerns going in because this is Jarliet’s first attempt at silicone, but I am blown away by the quality.

I wanted a hyperrealistic doll that still had functional use. For my purposes, I easily put her at the top of the mid-tier category for dolls. You can probably get 5% higher realism by dipping into the highest tier brands, but at 300% of the cost I don’t think it’s worth the tradeoff. The body is soft but firm, which is pretty standard for silicone, but the gel breasts are as soft as a TPE doll’s. Still, if softness is a major selling point for you, this doll probably won’t be for you, especially if you’re a butt person. I would have liked more painted details on the skin, but what is there is incredibly realistic and seems durable. The jaw allows for various expressions and the head is surprisingly soft, even with implanted hair and eyebrows.


+ Very realistic head and body with almost no neck seam.
+ Super smooth skin.
+ Implanted hair and eyebrows with a movable jaw add a lot of realism.
+ Despite having a softer head, the hair seems shed-resistant (more testing needed).
+ Breasts are soft and squeezable.
+ Super light and easy to move.


– I would have liked more variation in the painted details on the skin.
– Butt and thighs are on the hard side. Butt-lovers will not be pleased.

If you are interested in this doll and would like to order, please feel free to contact us.

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