Qita Doll is one of the best TPE sex doll makers. Qita Doll sex dolls are very diverse in styles, such as female dolls, male dolls, and torso dolls. Their dolls are based on real people models, including some celebrities, such as Cai Bin, a well-known Korean female anchor. Qita male sex dolls have a wide range of styles: muscular men, sunny boys… Even better, they offer male dolls with motorized silicone penis functions to bring you the ultimate sexual pleasure experience.

If you have a limited budget but prefer a high-quality doll, you can choose their torso sex dolls. These torso dolls are also made from real models, and the holes are in the correct positions. They even have electric and heated functions, greatly enhancing the realism of sexual interaction. Shop the best Qita Doll sex dolls from RosemaryDoll!

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