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Introduction to SY Dolls

SY Dolls: Innovating Intimacy Since 2015

Shenzhen Shengyi Adult Products Co., Ltd, commonly known as Shengyi, has been at the forefront of the sex doll industry since its inception in 2015. Specializing in the research, development, sales, and production of solid TPE and silicone sex dolls, Shengyi has rapidly grown to gain international acclaim for its pioneering products.

Crafted from premium medical-grade TPE and silicone sourced from the USA and Japan, Shengyi dolls offer an unrivaled realistic experience. Their skin feels incredibly lifelike—soft, elastic, and true to human touch—thanks to our proprietary processing technique. The internal skeletons, built from durable 304 stainless steel, feature highly flexible joints and allow the dolls to maintain balance independently, mirroring the movement capabilities of a real human.

2020 marked a year of breakthrough innovations for Shengyi, introducing features such as touch-responsive vocalization, body heating, implanted hair, and meticulously detailed veins, enhancing the realism of our dolls. Our customization service now allows for the creation of bespoke dolls, meticulously crafted to match customer-provided photos down to the smallest detail, ensuring a truly personal and intimate experience.

Discover the future of lifelike companionship with SY Dolls—where fantasy meets reality.

SY Doll Heads List

Discover a world of diverse pleasures with SY Dolls’ extensive range of seductive doll heads. The manufacturer offers a variety of enticing designs, each crafted to cater to your unique desires. From innocent charm to sultry allure, the collection ensures you find the perfect expression of sensuality. Explore the enchanting variety of head shapes, allowing you to personalize your doll and embark on an intimate journey like no other.


Ensuring each love doll is not just lifelike but truly unique, SY Dolls provides an array of wig options for your selection. Personalize your beloved doll by choosing your favorite wig, and it will be carefully sent to you along with the doll.

ROS Head

SY Dolls has introduced the Real Oral Sex (ROS) feature to several doll heads, enhancing the overall experience for customers. This added functionality not only elevates the visual appeal of the doll but also provides a heightened level of sensual pleasure. Explore the heads with ROS for an upgraded and immersive experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

The heads compatible with ROS include:

Auto Blow Job Function

In addition to ROS, SY Dolls has incorporated an auto blowjob function into their love dolls. This innovative feature allows you to effortlessly enjoy a captivating experience with your doll. Simply charge your doll and press a button to indulge in a marvelous and convenient pleasure.

Vagina Sucking Function

With just 30 minutes of charging, you gain control over SY Love Doll’s auto vagina sucking function, offering both convenience and enjoyment at your fingertips. Experience the ease and pleasure with a simple charge, making your interactions with the doll even more delightful.

Butt Softness

In the realm of intimate companionship, the texture and softness of a love doll’s skin hold great significance, particularly in areas such as the breasts and buttocks. At SY Dolls, its unwavering commitment to elevating the sexual experience drives the factory to continually explore and upgrade the materials used in crafting sex dolls. With meticulous attention to detail, SY Dolls has achieved a lifelike texture in the buttocks, ensuring an unparalleled tactile experience.

Moaning Display

While lifelike touch is a crucial aspect, SY Dolls understands that true realism in the intimate experience goes beyond mere sensation. To elevate the sexual encounter, their adult dolls are equipped with a moaning system that responds to your every touch and caress. The seductive moans, reminiscent of Medusa’s enchanting voice, add an immersive layer to your experience, creating an unparalleled connection with your doll. SY Dolls goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that every encounter is an exploration of heightened pleasure and intimacy.

Breathing System

SY Dolls pays meticulous attention to imitating real human activities, and breathing is a vital aspect. Now, you can enjoy the experience of a beautiful SY Love Doll breathing just like a real lady, adding a heightened sense of realism to your intimate encounters.

Packaging Display

SY Dolls is committed to ensuring that customers receive their dolls in perfect condition upon arrival. Every doll is meticulously wrapped and packed with great care, guaranteeing that each girl meets her master in all her glory. Our attention to detail ensures that your experience with SY Dolls is nothing short of exceptional.

Experience the meticulous care that goes into unpacking an SY Doll in our video. Witness firsthand the attention to detail and careful packaging that ensures your doll arrives in perfect condition.

And watch our latest video showcasing the durability of SY Dolls’ packaging. See how they confidently drop the package to the ground, highlighting the strength and reliability of our carefully wrapped dolls.

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You can further customize a lifelike sex doll to make it look like someone you love or even dream of.

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