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Sino Doll – One of the Leading Silicone Sex Doll Brands Pursuing Ultimate Realism

Sino Doll is a specialized company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality lifelike silicone sex dolls. Their dolls are crafted using medical-grade premium silicone, specifically formulated for their ultra-realistic, high-definition love dolls.

With a decade of experience in love doll manufacturing, Sino Doll stands as an expert in this field. They have garnered popularity within the doll community. Sino Doll offers advanced skin texturing, including smooth matte effects and hyper-realistic painting, creating a seamless, highly durable, and incredibly flexible softness that provides an astonishing tactile and visual experience of human skin.

Sino Doll offers four distinct series: Sino-Doll, XNX-Doll, GD-Sino, and Top-Sino. These four series cater to customers with various preferences and budgets.

Sino-Doll, XNX-Doll, and GD-Sino are more aligned with their entry-level choices.

Sino-Doll boasts an Asian-inspired style, portraying innocence and cuteness, reminiscent of Japanese girls.

GD Sino Series

GD Sino is a new series of Chinese dolls. GD stands for Game Doll, inspired by characters from online gaming. These dolls provide relaxation in the midst of a hectic life, immersing you in the world of gaming. These dreamy and expressive gaming character dolls gently help you forget your worries.

XNXdoll Series

The XNXdoll series, on the other hand, is an exclusive collection tailored for the Western market. The pricing of XNXdoll is in line with the original Sino-doll series.

It’s important to note that XNXdoll heads are compatible only with bodies from the XNXdoll and GD Sino series. However, XNXdoll bodies can be paired with heads from Sino Doll, GD Sino, and XNXdoll.

All three series – Sino-Doll, XNX-Doll, and GD-Sino – offer R+S Effect makeup options. Click here to learn more about the R+S Effect!

Top-Sino Series

Top-Sino is the most luxurious of all the series, with a long reputation for surreal skin textures and extremely realistic RRS+ makeup options. Explore more about RRS+ makeup!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at T-Sino!

Top Sino Head Details
Top Sino Body Details

Top-sino Masterpiece – Apotheosis Series [ACE Soft-Max]

It’s been a year since the “Soft-Max” models launched, and Sino-doll has been continuously upgrading its products. The new [ACE Soft-Max] model T155 combines practical value, visual enjoyment, and spiritual fulfillment, integrating advanced technology with realistic “Artist Makeup.”

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Realism: The T155 model features a new breast design that replicates the feel of real breast tissue, softening the labia for a more comfortable experience, and adding a short anal channel for versatility.
  • Advanced Materials: Improved durability in stretchability, tear resistance, and painting durability. The soft, elastic flesh provides a realistic touch.
  • User Experience: Professional human body softness and hardness structure enhance the overall stress points, making movements easier and more natural.
  • Functional Design: Includes standing without bolts, hard feet, finger joints, hard hands, and separate joint points in the palm for more realistic hand movements.
  • Aesthetic Upgrades: “Artist Makeup” developed with a visual art team, highlights facial bone structure with unified and harmonious color matching, creating a natural and refined look.

Soft Max Series

Water Bag Breast Softness Test

Cloud-like Luxurious Soft Buttocks Softness Test

Arm, Waist, and Leg Softness Test

Soft Max Series Softness Test