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Introduction to Real Lady Sex Dolls

Real Lady Sex Dolls

Basic Information about Real Lady Sex Dolls

Real Lady Sex Dolls share the same manufacture with Irontech Doll, and they believe it’s possible to approach sex in a natural way, without complexes, without shame, and without taboos. They are not just a sex doll manufacturer. Real Lady Sex Dolls is focused on bringing you quality, joy, and information that allows you to understand that sex goes far beyond pleasure and that it plays a fundamental role in our lives in areas such as physical and mental health, breaking taboos and myths or interpersonal relationships.


Real Lady Sex Dolls chose silicone as the material to ensure an unmatched sensory delight and stunning aesthetics. Feel the lifelike texture of Real Lady’s premium silicone, designed to mimic the softness and suppleness of human skin, creating an incredibly realistic tactile experience. Experience the added dimension of intimacy with Real Lady’s exceptional skin texture, bringing authentic feelings to your intimate moments. Enjoy the ease of maintenance with Real Lady’s non-porous silicone material, making cleaning and upkeep effortless. Choose Real Lady, where unparalleled realism meets superior craftsmanship, and indulge in a world of ultimate pleasure and connection.


The process of Real Lady creating a sex doll is so much different compared with other sex doll makers. The process entails a collaborative effort between the Real Lady team and the model herself. Before commencement, Real Lady secured the model’s approval to create a lifecast of her body, ensuring utmost accuracy in representation. Meticulous replication of each body part results in several duplicates, capturing every detail flawlessly.

Subsequently, Real Lady skilled sculptors merge these body parts into a clay mold, diligently refining the skin texture to intricately mirror the model’s unique features. Real Lady distinguishes itself by utilizing continuous skin patterns in real human bodies, guaranteeing an exceptionally lifelike appearance. Its commitment to realism extends to faithfully reproducing fine lines, pores, and even moles, further enhancing the doll’s authenticity.

EVO Skeleton

To better support the doll’s body and enable a wider range of poses, Real Lady Sex Dolls has designed the EVO Skeleton. The skeletons are independently developed by Real Lady Sex Dolls, firmly welded, and made of non-corrosive stainless steel material. They feature shrugged shoulders and double-jointed legs, providing enhanced flexibility for a wider range of poses. The robust construction ensures durability and stability, allowing your love doll to achieve various engaging positions with ease.

Skin Tone

Real Lady Sex Dolls offer a diverse range of four skin tones. Whether you prefer a natural skin tone or a healthy tan, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your preferences. Explore the options and choose the skin tone that suits your desires best.


Real Lady Sex Dolls cater to diverse tastes by providing a variety of wigs for you to adorn your love doll. Choose from an array of styles to enhance the beauty and personality of your doll, making her truly unique to your preferences.

Finger & Toe Nails

Finger and toe nails are essential for ladies, just as they are for your love dolls. Real Lady Sex Dolls pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your love doll’s nails are perfectly polished. Now, you have the option to choose the color that suits your preferences and enhances the overall beauty of your beloved dolls.

Looking for Luxury Real Lady Sex Dolls?

You can further customize a lifelike sex doll to make it look like someone you love or even dream of.

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