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How to Repair Your TPE Sex Dolls

Many customers are distressed by the indentations, tears, and abrasions on the skin surface of their love dolls. In this blog, we will show you how to repair these flaws and make your TPE love dolls look new.

How to repair pressure marks on your sex doll

Sex dolls may have dents when heavy objects are pressed against their surfaces. Or, you can see the same effect when the doll is placed inappropriately in the wrong position.

A Hot Towel
Cover the indentation with a clean, hot towel for a while. Then, put on white gloves and pat the dent with your hands until the indentation is gone.

Cover the pressure mark with a white damp cloth (or towel) and heat the surface for a while. Gradually, you will notice that the pressure marks and dents on the surface of the sex doll begin to disappear.

How to fix the tears and abrasions in TPE sex dolls

Accidentally being cut by sharp objects or using them incorrectly can be structural hazards and cause damage to your love dolls.

TPE Repair Solvent
TPE Repair Solvent is used to repair the skin damage of TPE love dolls. It works by melting the TPE surface, and just like electric welding, melds the two sides together when closed.

How to Use:
1. Swab wound surface area with a damp cloth to remove dirt and excess oil.
2. Open the wound with your fingers. Apply a thin coating of TPE Repair Solvent with the provided Cotton Swab to the inner surface of the wound.
3. Immediately align and hold the wound closed for several minutes to allow the TPE Repair Solvent to melt the wound. Hold the wound until it can’t bounce back.
4. Once closed, allow the wound to cure for 24 hours. Place the doll in the correct position to ensure that there is no tension pulls on the would during curing.

1. TPE Repair Solvent is extremely destructive to TPE. Don’t apply too much TPE Repair Solvent to your doll.
2. Never “pour” or “drop” the TPE Repair Solvent.
3. It is recommended to apply the repair solvent with cotton swabs or toothpicks.

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Heat Gun
For general abrasions, you can also try a heat gun. We recommend that you buy an infrared gun with a temperature sensor so that you can view the temperature feed in real-time.

How to Use:
1. Clean the skin surface with baby oil or Vaseline. This will help to distribute the applied heat more evenly.
2. Apply some oil to keep the doll from being burned by the heat gun.
3. Wear a mask and then focus the heat gun on the wound skin area and keep it about four inches apart.
4. Heat up your TPE love doll to the desired temperature. The melting temperature is about 110 degrees Celsius. Then there will be a mirror-like glaze. Stop heating when you see the intensity of the fume coming out.

Tip: It would be valuable to test on a piece of TPE material before applying heat to your doll’s skin. You can easily buy it from a TPE sex doll supplier. Through the test, you will know the melting temperature of the TPE material and be familiar with the right parameters of the heat gun.

5. Use a piece of cloth to gently wipe off the uneven abrasions. Since the temperature drops very quickly, you only have about 30 seconds to smooth out the abrasion. In this process, you should keep continuous iterations of heating and cooling, which is the key to getting a fine finish. Each repetition of the heat-and-cool procedure can make the skin smoother.

Tip: The oil should be reapplied after each iteration, as TPE dolls will dry out during repeated heating and cooling.

6. When all is done, apply some powder to have an excellent finish.

The above methods are especially suitable for repairing neck or leg tears, arm rips, or general abrasions. As for the small cuts and tears on the doll’s face, experienced users can also use a similar setup to fix them. But for new users who are not familiar with repair, please buy a new sex doll head instead.

With a new head, your doll will have a completely different look. What’s more, most of the top brands of doll heads are under $400, so this is a very cost-effective choice.

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