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How to Dry Sex Doll Vagina [2022]

Help you find the easiest way to dry sex doll vagina.
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Now that we’ve covered how to clean your sex doll vagina, let’s move on to the next part – drying a realistic love doll vagina. In this blog, we’ll take a look at several common tools that people use to dry the doll’s lower body.

(How to Use RosemaryDoll Vaginal Irrigator)

1. Dry the love doll’s vagina with a towel.

This may be the most common method. We generally choose absorbent towels or towels that will not shed lint. Its advantage is that the water absorption efficiency is relatively high. But for the tight canal, you may find it difficult to get the towel deep into your doll’s vagina.

2. Use Sponge Sticks to Dry Sex Doll Vagina

A sponge stick is a kind of small sponge inserted into a plastic stick, which can be easily penetrated into the inner part of the lower body. However, this small sponge absorbs less water than a towel, so you’ll have to prepare a lot of sponge sticks in advance.

3. Tissue Paper

Some inexperienced new sex doll players might use tissue paper to dry the doll’s cavity. Please say “no” to this drying method. The tissue may leave the paper scraps inside the cavity and breed bacteria. You can try some absorbent paper to solve this problem to some extent. Tissue paper is soft, so it needs to be inserted into the doll’s hole manually. Just like the towel, it is also difficult for you to enter into the tight channel.

Four dryness methods of love dolls' vagina for realistic sex doll owners.

4. Reusable Drying Rod– Diatomite Moisture Absorbing Stick

Diatomite hygroscopic reusable drying rod is highly recommended for everyone. It is a gospel for lazy people and can greatly reduce the workload of vaginal dryness after washing. It absorbs more water than a sponge stick. And, compared to towel-drying, it’s easier to reach the deepest part of the cavity. It should be noted that when inserting and pulling out the rod, the vagina needs to be manually expanded to make it more smooth in and out.

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5 thoughts on “How to Dry Sex Doll Vagina [2022]

  1. Carl says:

    I recently read on another blog about using a small aquarium pump to dry the various cavities. Less than 20 dollars for a pump, a couple tees and tubing and you are all set to dry the cavities. After you drain the cavities, do a finger sweep for any puddles and insert the tubing and turn on the pump. After a few hours, everything will be dry.

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      Dear friend, thank you so much for your sharing. Could you please share more information about the small aquarium pump you mentioned above? We have always been committed to providing customers with the ultimate service, and your sharing can help us to further improve our services.

      1. Carl says:

        The air pump I purchased was suitable for a 100 litre aquarium. It runs on 120 volts AC (standard North American power) Other countries would have something similar. It is palm sized and relatively quiet. Being designed for use 24/7, running it only a few hours at a time means it should last a long time.
        I used standard aquarium vinyl tubing which is soft, flexible and only about 6mm in diameter. It slides inside the orifice easily and allows room for air to flow out.
        I currently only have a torso and a couple other ‘toys’. The torso was recently bought so I wanted to try this method vs the diatomite rods.
        The air pump was very effective and simple to use. There is no worries of tearing the TPE during insertion or removal of the tubing as with the drying rod.
        One day, when I have my own doll, I would not hesitate using an aquarium air pump.

  2. Emir says:

    Why should you NOT use a tampon for drying? It is the most obvious means of drying a vagina that is easily available. I want to know if I am mistaken.

    1. rosemarydoll says:

      👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Great suggestion! Thanks for your sharing and comment! Could you please share more details that will help more new sex doll owners? Thank you so much again for your comment. 💖💖💖

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