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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Clean a Sex Doll Properly

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Clean a Sex Doll Properly

Possessing a sex doll does not only mean pleasure and emotional fulfillment for you – with every right comes responsibility. Taking care of your sex doll shows the gratitude and significance it has for you. This means your sex doll should be properly stored, used, and cleaned.

In this guide, we will thoroughly review how to clean a sex doll, providing the easiest steps and making sense of the materials used to create sex dolls.

These dolls are made from different materials, offering unique experiences. To maintain the quality of a sex doll, you must familiarize yourself with your doll’s material and the specific instructions for it.

RosemaryDoll offers silicone and TPE sex dolls, each made with impressive attention to detail for the utmost natural feel. You can order a doll suitable to your taste, no matter your chosen material.

Important Reasons for Cleaning a Sex Doll

Customers who choose to buy a sex doll rely on it for different kinds of support, whether it is a search for a partner, social anxiety, or discovering their sexual desires. Similarly, they should make up for these toys’ positive influence in their lives.

Sex doll cleaning is an inevitable process related to owning a sex doll. It greatly impacts the doll’s lifespan and can influence your experience with the doll as well as your health.

Keeping an eye on your sex doll can extend the time it can serve you, and regularly cleaning and proper storing will preserve your doll for up to six months. Moreover, cleaning a sex doll will prevent certain odors from evolving, as well as bacteria pileup.

Appropriate caring for your sex doll is not only beneficial for the doll and your time using it but also strengthens the relationship you have with your doll.

Understanding Different Types of Sex Doll Materials

The sex doll industry and manufacturing have come a long way since creating plastic sex dolls. The most common materials used for making sex dolls are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The former provides a more genuine and human feel, and the latter a more elastic movement and doll skin.

TPE sex dolls require more maintenance than silicone ones. This is because the TPE material is a substance that actively responds to stimuli, making it prone to bacteria and other microorganisms developing, while silicone has an anti-bacterial nature.

Another thing to keep in mind is the smell of these materials. Silicone sex dolls do not have one or offer the opportunity to buy a doll with a pleasant smell. TPE dolls may have a specific rubber smell, especially if you have the sex doll for a long time.

Overall, silicone is a more durable material than TPE, so the TPE sex dolls are more affordable.

How to Clean Your Sex Doll – Step-by-Step Guide

Before we start with these simple steps on how to properly clean a sex doll, make sure that you have the cleaning products.

Start From the Top

Let’s learn how to clean sex doll head. It’s not difficult but it demands attention. Most dolls come with a removable head, so detach it for easier reach. Also, remove the wig – it’s easier to lean the wig and head separately.

Use warm water to moisten the doll’s head, and apply antibacterial soap. Try to avoid the eye area since you can damage it. When you wash off the soapy water, gently tap the head with a soft towel and let it air dry.

You can use regular hair products to wash the wig. Just be cautious while combing. Try not to pull too hard if you notice that it is tangled. The wig is best dried naturally.

Move to the Middle

There aren’t any specific tricks on how to clean sex doll torso except for being gentle and using the right products.

Using warm water and antibacterial soap, moisten the body of the doll. Then wash it carefully, be gentle, and avoid tearing down the doll’s skin and material. Be thorough and reach each area of the doll’s body. Take your time, especially if you haven’t cleaned the doll for a while.

When you’re done with the cleaning process, absorb the extra water with a soft towel and leave the sex doll to air dry.

How to Clean Sex Doll Vagina

If you own a sex doll with a removable vagina, detach it for easier cleaning. If you own a sex doll with a non-removable vagina, place the doll in a position where it will be simple to reach.

Cleaning a sex doll vagina with a vagina irrigator is faster. Fill the irrigator with warm water and antibacterial soap and insert it into the area needing cleaning. Use a stick sponge to wash the inside of the vagina, then extract the soapy water with the irrigator. Water down the area as many times as possible until you’ve washed out the entire soap.

Let the sex doll’s vagina dry. Do not try to use a hairdryer, thinking you will dry it faster. The heat can damage the material.

How to Clean Silicone Sex Doll

The cleaning process is the same for both silicone and TPE sex dolls. However, you should consider the material before you start cleaning a sex doll.

Silicone is easier to clean, so it won’t take you long to fully clean the sex doll. This material is characterized by less porosity, making it harder for any residue to stick to the doll’s skin and less likely for bacteria to grow on silicone. Considering this, the silicone sex dolls are quicker to dry.

Silicone sex dolls can handle a decent amount of water quantity since the material is water-resistant. Although it is not advised to put the doll underwater, you don’t need to worry about damaging the sex doll during the cleaning.

Silicone sex dolls need a lesser amount of maintenance because the material doesn’t absorb fluids or oil.

How to Clean TPE Sex Doll

Compared to silicone, sex dolls created from TPE material are more prone to bacteria and other microorganism growth. This material absorbs fluids and requires more careful cleaning. Scrub the doll to remove contamination, but always be gentle because this material tears up easily.

Another thing worth mentioning is the nature of the TPE material. Its flexible and soft nature can lead to stickiness. So, to avoid this from happening, ensure to powder your sex doll more often and always after sex doll cleaning.

The drying will take longer since the dolls’ material is at risk from fluid absorbance. Leave the doll for several hours to dry out naturally.

Essential Tools For Sex Doll Cleaning

Cleaning a sex doll does not require a lot of costly materials. Most importantly, when you order your doll from RosemaryDoll’s shop, you will get a cleaning kit delivered with the package.

So no need to worry about tools like a vagina irrigator. If you misplace or lose it, you can always order a new one, which will be delivered discreetly and promptly, like all of our shipments.

For cleaning a sex doll you’ll need:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • A clean and soft towel
  • Sponge (a stick sponge will be easier for reaching the doll’s holes, but if you don’t have one, you can use regular)
  • Vagina irrigator
  • Hair products for the wig (there aren’t specific ones; regular human hair products will do it)
  • Talcum, cornstarch powder, or baby powder

How to Properly Dry and Store Your Sex Doll After Cleaning

After reviewing how to wash a sex doll, we’re moving on to the drying and storing processes. The proper way of drying your doll is by letting it air dry.

After washing the doll, you can use a soft towel to remove the remaining water from the doll’s skin for easier drying. Dabbing the doll can absorb some liquid and shorten the continuing process. This includes the insides of the doll as well. Use a sponge or the vagina irrigator to draw out any watery parts.

Then, let the sex doll air dry for a couple of hours. Do not expose it to direct sunlight since this can damage the material.

Many users are wondering how to prevent mold on tpe sex dolls. Easy – by regularly powdering the doll after cleaning. You can use baby powder, but check out the doll’s manual as a precaution.

When storing the sex doll, it is advised to keep it away from sunlight and in a dim, ventilated area. You’ll always need to watch out for the temperature when caring for and maintaining your doll.

If you can position the doll upwards, that would be the best way to keep it. It will prevent the doll from losing its form. And make sure to safeguard it from coming in touch with sharp objects that will destroy its surface. You can do this by placing the doll and covering it with soft material.

Wrapping up

Sex doll cleaning is quite important. The hygiene and lifespan of the sex doll depend on the owner. Regular taking care of your sex doll will not have a negative influence on your health and will prolong the use period of the doll.

When sharing your doll with a partner, clean it frequently. If you don’t, you can create a schedule for cleaning it. This way, you’ll have a set cleaning time that you won’t miss and avoid unnecessary cleaning out of oblivion that can harm the doll.

This is a very simple guide on how to clean a sex doll that will hopefully be clear to all users. If you’re still wondering how to wash a sex doll, you can contact the doll’s manufacturer.

Before you do this, analyze the manual and instructions for your doll. Most of these manuals offer valuable and useful information you’ll need for an effortless and convenient life with your sex doll.


You can do this by spraying baby powder on the doll’s skin and brushing it away. Do not overdo it.
No, the only product you’ll need is the antibacterial soap. Make sure to avoid alcohol-based products.
Cleaning the inside of a sex doll is recommended with a vagina irrigator. You can reach the holes more easily without ripping the doll apart. Make sure to rinse off the soapy water and air dry the area.
how to clean a sex doll

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