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ElsaBabe 150cm Silicone Sex Doll – Aida Rina

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ElsaBabe recently released new photos of Aida Rina, their anthropomorphic bunny silicone sex doll. She looks so hot in these new photoshoots featuring a bunny look, white underwear, and blonde hair. Aida Rina made her debut at the 2021 Shanghai ADC Expo, drawing legions of doll lovers to watch, and is now officially on sale.

This adorable bunny doll is one of the few “furry” humanoid sex dolls in existence. She’s not for everyone, but was created by ElsaBabe for lovers of unique and innovative dolls. If you like this sexy bunny doll by ElsaBabe, this may be the best time to order one. Not long ago, ElsaBabe just announced that they would shorten the production time of their dolls!

If you have any thoughts on this ElsaBabe bunny doll, welcome to leave us a comment below!

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