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Discover the New Features of ZELEX GIRLS’ EXP Skeleton

Discover the New Features of ZELEX GIRLS' EXP Skeleton

Zelex, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sex dolls, has launched a new and improved EXP (“expression”) skeleton. The EXP skeleton is an upgraded version of the EVO skeleton, which allows Zelex sex dolls to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions.

This brand-new EXP skeleton is equipped with high-end ball joints that have adjustable torsion, resulting in exceptional durability. Even after a 10,000-times twist, the torque decay remains within 10%, and further adjustments can be made even after torque reduction.

Discover the Enhanced Features of Zelex’s New EXP Skeleton

The new EXP skeleton features several enhancements that make the doll’s movements even more realistic:

New joints have been added to the shoulders, allowing for the shoulders to be shrunk. With this new movement, the dolls can be placed in more postures, greatly improving their overall performance.

New EXP skeleton-4

A spherical joint has been added to the neck, which allows the head to move freely in 360 degrees. This new feature makes the lines of the head and neck more realistic, giving a more lifelike appearance.

The elbows have been upgraded to double joints, while the palms now come with spherical joints, making the movements of the arms more diverse and natural.

The waist has been redesigned, and the strength of the joints adjusted to ensure a stable base while still allowing for easy twisting.

Special Offer for New EXP Skeleton

Until April 20th, the EXP skeleton option is currently being offered at no cost, but starting from April 21st, it will be available for purchase at a price of $199.

Note: The EXP skeleton is a part of Zelex’s inspiration series and is compatible with all ZELEX silicone dolls.

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These improvements not only enhance the doll’s aesthetic appeal but also provide a more authentic and enjoyable experience for users. With the new EXP skeleton, Zelex has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality and innovative sex dolls to its customers.

If you’re in the market for a sex doll that can move and express emotions like a real person, consider Zelex’s new EXP skeleton. With its improved joints and enhanced range of motion, this doll is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

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