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5 Tips to Avoid Adult Sex Dolls Being Dyed

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If you’ve invested in adult sex dolls for love and companionship – or are planning to do so – we’d like to congratulate you on your amazing choice! After all, we can hardly find another adult product that provides so much fun, and yet brings such a positive impact both on physical and mental health. However, happiness always comes with a little trouble. Dyeing is a hassle that many new doll owners may face, as doll skin can easily get dirty and stain.

Why are adult sex dolls dyed?

Most adult sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone. And these two materials are easy to dye. TPE sex dolls are easier to stain than silicone dolls because this material is porous, oily, and absorbs dirt and stains.

The severity of doll staining has a lot to do with the pressure between the doll’s skin surface and the clothes, the time of contact, and the amount of pigment in the clothes. Items that may cause doll dyeing include wigs, clothes, sheets, towels, etc.

In general, it’s easier to dye dolls with new, cheaper, and dark clothes. And the longer and tighter the doll’s skin is in contact with dark clothes, the more likely it is to be dyed.

You may not yet be an expert sex doll lover, but we’re here to help, with 5 helpful tips to get your doll rid of stains.

How to Avoid Sex dolls Being Dyed

1. Wear Old Clothes
Dyeing is a physical diffusion process of colored particles. Usually, old clothes have been washed many times and no more dye has come off.

If you like to sleep with your adult doll, we recommend choosing light or very old sheets, duvet covers, and pajamas.

2. Good Quality Clothes
The color of high-end clothing generally does not fade. For cheap clothes, it’s best to wash them several times with dish soap before putting them on the sex doll.

3. Don’t wear dark clothing directly against the doll’s skin.
We highly recommend that you wear light-colored underwear under the doll when dressing it in bright or dark colors. This can effectively lower the possibility of the doll being dyed.

4. Shorten Contact Time
Leaving your doll in dark clothes for long periods of time can easily lead to staining. It is best to change the clothing at risk of staining immediately after shooting the doll to reduce contact time.

5. Avoid Tight Clothing
Don’t store dolls in tights. Tights may leave marks on your love doll’s skin or accelerate staining. If you’re really into tight clothes, try to minimize the time your doll wears dark clothing.

If your doll has been dyed, we also have guidelines to help you remove the stain.

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